White House Planning to Refer Wapo Leak to SS for investigation.

New: White House planning to refer Brad Raffensperger WaPo leak to Secret Service for investigation under national security grounds of the Espionage Act



President Trump is trying to give these people every possible opportunity to do the right thing, yet they refuse. They record the President of the United States then leak the audio. 11,780 votes is a tiny fraction of reported anomalies. This is a prime example of how they twist information to fit a narrative. Finding a tiny percentage of the reported anomalies on the filed affidavits should be a piece of cake, otherwise the affiants would have committed a crime and should be investigated. We won Georgia...

Leaked audio below.

Recent Georgia Hearing link here


A single Affidavit 2:26:30

Also The Shredding Machine Affidavit at 3:15:30

Enjoy Prison Brad.

Anonymous 01/03/21 (Sun) 23:13:40 d007a5 (2) No.12304108

You can’t lie to POTUS asshole and then release the confidential call. How did you guys not know this?

POTUS kept on asking Brad, “are you sure that right Brad, are you sure? He really should have rethought his answer at that point!


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