VP Joe Biden unmasked the Seal team in Benghazi (the other 9-11)

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oKLURMqEB8 Former CIA Operative Reveals Media’s Agenda- Kris "Tanto" Paronto Jun 14, 2018 00:05:00 – Ambassador Chris Stevens had worked his way up to his appointment as ambassador; not like "friends" or "big donors" to the President Paronto says it is a highly respected status, like a 3-star General He knows the different levels of ambassadors as he had worked at State Dept. 00:06:10 - their CIA directive told his crew to stand down and knowing the situation was life and death, they disobeyed orders and went 00:09:00 – he thinks their superiors panicked, didn't know what to do 00:10:00 – Obama and Romney were very close in the polls and Obama was claiming they had Al Queada on the run so if the truth had come out before the election, Obama might have lost 00:10:45 – there is a deep state; politicians and media change history to fit their own narrative When they came out to tell the truth they lost their security clearance and thus their contractor careers. ___ Greg Jarrett interviews security contractors of Benghazi who survived the attack on the embassy

______ B4U CRASH 2 days ago (yt screen name of commenter) his comment on this video by in pursuit of truth:

Navy Seals on Joe Biden Lest We Forget: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMA1T9QWEI4 When he was the Vice President, he did the most unthinkable thing fora man in his position. He revealed the names and the unit that killed Bin Laden "On May 3 2011, at a national event in Washington, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. did the unthinkable - He publicly revealed the identity of the special-operations unit responsible for bin Laden's killing, just to show that he "was in the know". His reckless action put at risk the lives of every member of Seal Team 6. The Taliban and other jihadists eager to avenge bin Laden now knew which unit to target. Stunned and shocked, Seal Team Six members immediately realized they were going to be hunted by al Qaeda sympathizers. Soon after Biden's reckless idiotic speech, an American CH47 Chinook was shot down by a rocket propelled grenade in the Tangi Valley, Maidan Wardak Province, Afghanistan, all 38 aboard were killed including most of Seal Team Six, this incident became known as Extortion 17. After Biden had let the identification out, and before the Chinook was shot down, members of Seal Team 6 had called their families and told them to wipe out all connection to them, including social media, and disassociate themselves as far away from them as possible because they too would be in grave danger as the Taliban would attempt to find them in retaliation…. And Biden, well he didn't even work up a sweat over any of it, and was just too stupid to realize what he had done. I added a couple links here for those who want proof. It's easy enough to look up the information yourself. These are just a few of many.

https://special-ops.org/./the-betrayal-of-navy-seal-team-6/. "Someone said….. Well that's just Joe.!" Really? No, this traitor revealed the names and signed the death warrants of America's finest warriors and never looked back. Sorry, if you disagree, but he is not worthy of consideration as our President and Commander-in-Chief!!! Wake up. America can't afford to have this moron as our President!

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Greg Jarrett interviews security contractors of Benghazi who ran to defend our people during the attack on the embassy

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