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Post 10146362 7 hours ago • View on 8kun VOTE-BY-MAIL OREGON FOREWORD: This information is taken from public web searches, wiki, and other public facing resources. The author neither endorses nor supports this information as true or factual. This is simply an example of what is used to promote to the public “Trust us, we’re the Government”. A BRIEF HISTORY • 1981 the Oregon Legislative Assembly approves vote-by-mail for local elections • 1987 Vote-by-mail becomes permanent • 1989 House bill to extend vote-by-mail to include 1990 primary defeated 33-27 • 1992 Governor’s Task Force on Local Government Services identifies statewide vote-by-mail significant savings on elections (fox in hen house). • 1995 Oregon becomes the first state to conduct federal primary election all by mail. • 1996 Ron Wyden is elected by mail 66% turnout, succeeding Bob Packwood* • 1998 Oregonians confirm ‘overwhelming’ support for vote-by-mail by passing measure 60. *** • 2000 Oregon becomes the first state to conduct Presidential election entirely by mail, 80% turnout. ** • 2019 Oregon becomes first state to not require postage on vote-by-mail ballot return envelopes. * According to State of Oregon records the turnout in 1996 was 37.75% not 66% as Wikipedia claims. ** 2000 Election turnout according to state of Oregon data was 51.29% not 80% as Wikipedia claims. *** Measure 60 eliminated restrictions on vote-by-mail and established it as the single form of voting for elections in Oregon. It also required vote-by-mail to be used for biennial primaries and general elections as well as eliminating polling places. MYTHS Vote-by-mail will increase participation In theory this common claim would make sense however the data shows that this is indeed not the case. Some of this is possibly also due to the shift in focus away from teaching civic duty, and patriotism in public schools during the same time frame. [See Img 1] #1 Lowest voter turnout since 1960 #2 Second lowest since 1960 In point of fact if you look after the vote-by-mail became permanent in Oregon, the lowest voter participation in recent history is seen. SOURCES: [See Paste] Vote-by-mail is secure -Secure- a: free from danger b: affording safety a secure hideaway c: trustworthy, dependable a secure foundation d: free from risk of loss Considering there is no way to verify your vote is counted this argument cannot be substantiated by anyone, but politicians and their media allies regurgitating their talking points. There is no way to validate your vote has been counted. There is no way to know the vote went from your hands directly to an election official. There is absolutely no confidence. Politicians like Senator Ron Wyden (who lives in New York, not in the state he purportedly represents) say, “His” state has proven over 20 years that vote-by-mail has been a success. Not a lie exactly, it has maintained a one-party rule over the state since inception, and allowed plenty of corruption. A success under someone’s standards. The previous Governor John Kitzhaber resigned due to corruption, he’s also the one that gave Oregon the current Governor Kate Brown who filled in and easily won re-election. Kate Brown has struggled with allegations of abuse of power and corruption since taking office. Birds of a feather. Governor Kate Brown signed Oregon Motor Voter (House Bill 2177) into law in March, 2015. 90% of eligible Oregonians are registered to vote. [See paste] Oregon Gov. Kate Brown expected to sign illegal immigrant driver's licenses bill. [See paste] Kate Brown isn’t from Oregon, but she fully controls it. Consider the following: • Become the Governor of a state that is fully vested in vote-by-mail • Ensure everyone is registered to vote automatically at the DMV (may select party for you) • Grant non-citizens (read Illegal Aliens) the right to obtain a driver’s license The above factors practically ensure unlimited control perpetuality. Allowing illegal aliens to obtain a driver’s license which automatically registers them to vote is exactly the same as stealing a citizen’s vote. JUST THE FACTS What does the evidence show? 1. Voter participation has been lower since the vote-by-mail system started, historic lows. This is counter to the claims made by those supporting vote-by-mail. 2. Based on the data from the state, the party in control flipped by enough margin to ensure consistent victories for the party implementing vote-by-mail. 3. Illegal aliens have been given entry into voting in our elections via DMV license and automatic voter registration. See Get a Driver License – Over 18 [See Paste] 4. The system doesn’t ensure a secure vote in any way. 5. The system is wide open to fraud, abuse, and theft. 6. Citizens are left with no insight, and no recourse. Paste (SAUCE)

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