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Trump was prepared. He's gonna nail their asses to the wall.

Anonymous 07/17/21 (Sat) 02:35:45 7a16f2 (14) No.14141057

/// Details Cyber Symposium - 34 TB of PCAP Recordings ///

Highly recommended video. Trump was prepared. He's gonna nail their asses to the wall. Dr. Frank is working with Trump's lawyers & Mike Lindell. He's a math whiz & explains how this election was essentially a sting operation put in place by Trump, what they did, & how they did it. He said Trump won 37 states, & that fraud has been found in over 3,000 counties in the USA. He says they've also conducted audits that will be announced shortly. Fascinating. This video was recorded July 12. I did a search, didn't see that it was posted yet.


28:00 Timestamp 53-47


Anonymous 07/17/21 (Sat) 03:25:54 781b4a (54) No.14141195

@RealGenFlynn, [17.07.21 00:42] I’ll just leave this here… @RealGenFlynn, [17.07.21 00:42] [ Photo ] @RealGenFlynn, [17.07.21 00:58] America was and will forever be the example for the world to see of that shining city on the hill for all faithful, freedom-loving people to seek. While our foundation remains strong and our courage remains immeasurable, our clarion call must now be to stand and demand accountability.


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