Tradition and History

[They] have always aimed at deterioration of culture.

FM 7 21.13 US Army The Soldiers Guide

Early morning November 1, 2020. The baker on duty decided to start pushing the idea of changing the Q Research General image which has been an icon of the research boards since the beginning. After voicing my opposition and having back up from other anons, I proceeded to make it known that I planned to bake the next bread. After having gone back and forth with the baker and another anon who was also on board with the spontaneous decision to change everything up I started preparing notes. I did not think to request handoff, but I should have. I just assumed I would have to wrestle away the bread from the comped baker. I hadn't baked in over a year but still remembered what I was doing. Where I screwed up was logging into my pastebin account that has the user name qnotables associated with it...

My split bread was locked by a board volunteer immediately -

Thoughts- Bakers should not be changing things up or pushing agendas of their own, Doing so in the middle of the night during slow breads is obvious shill tactics. Making any changes to the structure and order of things without making it a global notable for at least 24 hours for deliberation should be forbidden. There should be reason and purpose behind decisions like this, not because a random baker feels like shaking things up. The degradation of our culture, values and traditions is a primary reason we fell so far as a Nation. There is a reason the shills have been pushing the It's is almost over, I'm going to miss it here" narrative. [They] want you to quit digging, [they] want you to quit memeing, [they] want you to quit praying. The truth of the matter is that the war of Good vs. Evil will not cease until God says so.

Shill bakers shitting all over our symbols

BV Locked it up.

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