Tracy Beanz Wins Local South Carolina Race.

Left wing Daily Dot bent out of shape over Tracy Beanz winning local South Carolina race.

Congratulations Tracy

Twitter: @TracyBeanz / @UncoverDC --- See also Twitter: @drawandstrike

Post 48540 2 days ago • View on 8kun Tracy Beanz One of QAnon’s earliest advocates just won a local race in South Carolina QAnon candidates are trying to take over the Republican Party, beginning at the local level. Apr 26, 2021, 1:55 pm* Tech Claire Goforth Claire Goforth Tracy “Beanz” Diaz, an early QAnon promotor, is now the state executive committee person for the Horry County, South Carolina Republican Party. QAnon is a conspiracy theory that the planet is controlled by a satanic cult of cannibals who rape and eat children. They believe former President Donald Trump was fighting this nonexistent cabal. Diaz started promoting QAnon mere days after the first so-called “Q drop.” She’s credited with being among a small group who propelled the conspiracy theory into the mainstream. Before she was into QAnon, Diaz was a Republican operative. She once worked for former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.). She’s apparently now set her sights on exerting influence in a more official capacity. Over the weekend, Diaz won a race to become one of the leaders of the Horry County GOP. “It’s our time,” she said on Telegram, according to Shayan Sardarizadeh.

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