Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson Say they've tested positive with Coronavirus

Much More on Hanks and Family in the folder ".../hollywood/tom hanks/"

Rita Wilson Has been vocally claiming Tom Hanks purchased her from her father and raped her at 13 years old.

Oprahs an interesting charachter in this story too.

see ".../Hollywood/Oprah" in the file archive.

Chet Hanks Tom and Ritas son - Illuminati Pyramid

Pedophile Swirl Symbolism

Chets back tattoo also has the serpent engraving symbol that has been seen a few times in the architecture of buildings notably Epstein and DC monuments. The swirl, although in a square in this instance, is a associated with pedophilia or child abuse. Whether Chet was a victim a perpetrator or both remains to be confirmed. I would bet on him playing the victim card

Hanks and a unnamed "unconcious" boy with pizza. Symbolism - Suggested research: "Pizza Gate"

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