[Their] Playbook (Section 1-12)

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Playbook Section One: Q is a LARP. Q is garbage. Q has been debunked. Q is a psy op. Nothing to see. Fringe conspiracy nuts. Section Two: Q has nothing on the scoreboard. No arrests. "I've lost faith" "show me results or I'm not voting" "Been here since the beginning,nothing ever happens, Always 'soon' but that's all" Section Three: Anons are mostly bots. Anons are C_A clowns. Anons are Mossad. Anons are IRGC. Anons are CCP. Section Four: Substitute Bakers for Anons in Section Three, add in "baker's union" Section Five: Fill boards with larping shills. Austin Steinbart is Q. Hollywood insiders. Federal agent insiders. MSM insiders. Washington politician insiders. Section Six: Fill the boards with anti-jewish, anti-black, anti-muslim, anti-asian. Attempt to make the boards look racist and divisive. Pose as MAGA sometimes but insert towards the end. Section Seven: Keep asking questions pretending to be a newfag. "Who is Q+" "What does the killbox mean" "How do I red text" Here the idea is to get anons to turn on newfags thinking it's shills playing stupid again. Section Eight: Slide the breads with either completely irrelevent posts, posts from discounted sources like Sorcha Faal, or things like JFK Jr. Pages of anything supposed to be Bible, Talmud,Koran flood it in there. Section Nine: Hammer directly on anons and/or bakers to try to cause emotional responses. Discouragement, frustration, etc. Use copious profanity and keep pouring it on, usually no more than three seperate anons on a single bread. Try to drive anons away, frustrate bakers to stop baking, and discourage anons from becoming bakers. Section Ten: Decry "the absolute state of thes boards" "Real anons left long ago" "Are you all twelve?" Complain about boobs or nudity. These shills are usually referred to as the "pearl clutchers" Section Eleven: Use the same memes and videos repeatedly. No matter how lame or stale keep throwing them in bread after bread. Switch up but limited supply. Does not matter they don't work, recycle recycle. Section Twelve: In case of Q post modify Section Two with things like "you should do that now" "or some flavor of "today would be nice since you've done nothing" but make absolutely sure to be part of the dogpile in responses. Have the Q Post folder open always and inject as many as possible.

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