The price of freedom is always eternal vigilance

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Man, hate to break it this way, but the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Passed down to this freedom loving anon from my military dad. He told me to pass it down. The Q plan seems like a specific plan to deal with the attack on this generation. The attack has been sneaky, and looks like they had a 100 year plan coming together. Pic related is their map of the US included with the ALMOST signed biodiversity treaty, which, trumps Constitutional law, as a treaty. They were going to cram us into city high rises. Highway ramps would be closed. The US would be a no-go zone, in the red and yellow buffer zone areas. We could visit in red areas maybe… with permission. They call it the "Rewilding of America". We stopped the vote on this treaty just before it was signed, by getting our hands on this map. We really dodged a bullet when Trump was elected. It was going to be war. A number of nations are bummed out. Some are still holding out hope, I see, but, the population here in the US is waking up too fast. Even if Trump loses, they are going to lose now. It is done, the question is can we do it without blood shed. Can we enforce that Constitutional law.?? Can we wield it like the weapon it is. This is what people want to know. Can we prosecute for treason, or must we actually get off our butts and hang them in the gallows… worse… head to the dead military bases, find those guillotines (((they))) planned to use on us, and get busy? Lets hope for the longer, more educational peaceful route. Let us dig, meme, pray until we are given no other choice. But know this. We will win. But then…. Realistically, after we win this there will be more threats to freedom. We are being retrained to fight, as every generation lulled into complacency must be. So. Pass this wisdom down when we oldfags are gone. Even if we get rid of all of (((them))) around the world, COMPLETELY, more of (((them))) will be born. Sociopaths looking for power will infiltrate any ANY good institution they can for power. Here is the key to freedom that I discovered not long after studying government structures in law school, IMHO, see what you think ….. 1/2

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2/2 The US government is a good institution. Best form of government created so far, on the planet, bar none. PIC 1 RELATED. However…. The US government is a bunch of empty chairs created by a document. We do not want to destroy those chairs. We vote people in and out of those chairs. The institution structure is sound, but, the evil sociopaths will always target those chairs using deception and theft of the vote. We want to remove the people, bodily. An eviction. This is why we can never just believe that our government is "good". The structure is fantastick. BUT it will always be the target of evil sociopathic power mongers, like every government that ever existed, period. We the people now, and in generations to come, can never ever forget this. We can NEVER assume our government is not being infiltrated by evil, foreign, or domestic. They WILL recreate their own evil institutions if given the chance. So, we need to look at all the new tools they have created for themselves since the Constitution was written, like non profits, and NGO's. Think STRUCTURE, like the founders. Our generation did not have the internet. But we built it (thinking of many of you before you were born). Still not sure whether it is a good thing, or a bad thing. Frankly, I liked the world a lot better without it, but, it is the only thing that gives a free people even a little hope of catching up with the rapid pace of technology the evil ones plan to use against us, so there is that. Use the internet wisely. Stick together. Remember…. In a tyranny, the government educates the people. In a free nation, the people educate each other. With respect to PIC RELATED 2, I was pissed after laws school. They told us about PIC RELATED 1, but, they obscure the governing structure of the TYRANNY system, but giving it different names. They do not EVER talk about the structure of tyrannical governing systems…. not even in law school. So….. Here is a bit from my life long constitutional and structural musings…. Do not let (((them))) consolidate power over: Pic 1 Related….. 1)the media or education system, 2)the vote, 3)the energy supply, 4)the food/medicine supply, 5)the money supply 6)the right of self defense (guns) 7)or the surveillance system. All governments need structure to function. Tyranny comes in many forms with many names, but ALL have to consolidate power over the above seven aspects of civilization above, in order to be successful tyrannical structural governing systems. All tyrannies like Communism, Fascism, Kingdoms, Empires, Dictatorships MUST consolidate power over the above seven aspects of a civilization in order to reign tyranny completely, without restraint Look back at any government in history, you will see this seven branched power consolidating structure. The "Beast" in Revelation MAY have seven heads because it always did, and it always will. The founders abolished 6 of those seven branches by distributing the power over them to we the people as individuals. They did it in the Constitution. They left only the possibility of a central bank open for debate. Distribution of land took care of distribution of food, medicine, energy. Churches were the creators of schools. There were no public schools, so, Religion is protected to keep parents in control of curriculum, in addition to worship freedom. (((THEY))) have worked hard to consolidate power back over those seven systems, whether through the FED/IRS, FDA, Corporate Oil/ gas Food Transport, Land Ownership, Buying out Media, Controlling school curriculum, buying the voting machines, attempting to pass anti gun legislation, and yes, building spy programs on the internet. Pay attention to what aspects of civilization are being consolidated into the hands of the few, like the founders did. And finish the founders job. There need be a constitutional amendment forbidding a privately owned central bank. This is how (((they))) got their food back in the door in 1912 ish. Do not get tripped up by the different names of the tyranny system. Communism… Kingdom etc…. The important thing is the structure, just like the importance of the structural branches of the Republic created by the Constitution. Without structural systems, no government can function. The evil ones will attempt to build the seven branches, using parts of a Republic if they must. They will use corporations. They will use ANY structures to re-consolidate power over those seven aspects of civilization above. True freedom comes when we successfully re-distribute power over these seven branches of tyranny, back to the people as individuals. Put simply. The price of freedom is always eternal vigilance.

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