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The key is unity, not division.

Anonymous 10/10/21 (Sun) 18:49:04 8a479d (4) No.14761540

Intractable issues of division are used to manuever you like two sets of chess pieces, on a board out of your control. - When you allow yourself to become emotionally invested in false narratives that are projected onto you by all manufactured sides 24/7, you end up working against your own best interests. The key is unity, not division. There are serfs, and elites. The differences between you and your serf neighbors, globally, are minimal. The small variances are hyperinflated by the media, in order to shape an incorrect perception of division that allows those in power to use you to their own ends. —- But in reality, you all agree on a very great many things, no matter your self labeled designation of false political alliance. Bridging that divide, rather than hyperpoliticizing everything, is how you topple the board itself. You cannot hope to factionalize humanity and win. It can only be done together. Shoulder to shoulder.

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