Rudy Press Conference Clips

Tried breaking it down yesterday but had some technical difficulties that set me back and had to redo much of the work.

Evidence of Fraud laid out and path forward,

Apologies on last few days, we had a death in the family that required attention.

Full Press Conference linked at the bottom, Big bombshells and the fake news wants to talk about sweat instead of the allegations and affidavits.


PA Fraud - No Inspection Mail in Ballot Susceptible

No Inspection Mail in Ballot Susceptible

Jimmy Carter warned us

NY Times

James Baker

Justice Souter

Biden told us he had the best voter fraud team in the world.

Mail In Ballot Break Down - Biden told us he had the best Voter Fraud team in the world.

Verifying ballots without supplied signatures, would render ballots illegitimate, Null and void. Two Different Standard in Different parts of the state [Bush V Gore]

The Cure: Democrat strongholds allowed to fix ballot errors to ha

No such provision it was made up by the Democrat Secretary of State, made that up to maximize the (D) votes.

Rudy Giuliani - Provisional Ballots - 17,000 in Pittsburgh PA told they had already voted

60 people provided affidavits swearing that they were no allowed to carry out function of inspection

Van thought to be a Food Truck Pulled Up in Wayne County and Started unloading Votes for Biden

4 affiants swear to incident of a van thought to be a food delivery truck was full of boxes of ballots that were delivered around 4 am. Every ballot they saw was for Biden. estimated 60-100 thousand came out of the van.

Wayne County MI: Trump V Benson - 100 Affidavits, 300K illegitimate ballots

100x Affidavits under penalty of perjury

300k illegitimate ballots that we can specifically identify

Margin in Michigan was 146k

Majority of those ballots were cast in Wayne County were Biden won 80-20.

If you remove these ballots it changes the election.

Wisconsin Republicans almost uniformly shut out, No application means illegitimate votes

WI Margin under 21k

Republicans almost uniformly shut out from the inspection process.

You cant be given an absentee ballot, you must request one.

40 thousand in Madison that have no application for absentee ballots.

60 thousand in Milwaukee with no application

OVERVOTE- Michigan Clearest Example of Fraud

Classically anything over 80% turn out is considered an over vote.

In Mi and WI we have over vote in numerous precincts -150% -200% -300%

One of the reason why the two Republicans did not certify in Wayne County was because the over vote was so high.

Jesse Jacob Trained to Cheat, Told to Change Vote Dates - Constantine vs City of Detroit

Full press conference here

//Still working on Clips and trying to get caught back up. This weeks been tough

Dig. Meme. Pray.


The Georgia Lawsuit starts at 32 minutes in. Sidney Powell @ Roughly 35minutes

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