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SPREADSHEET & OFF-SITE GALLERIES ARE UPDATED to Q post >>9057548 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Efm2AcuMJ7whuuB6T7ouOIwrE_9S-1vDJLAXIVPZU2g SPREADSHEET entries include: - date, post #, EST/EDT timestamp, userID - direct link to post, link to post on archive.fo (to that exact post, no need to scroll to find it) - post content including IMAGE(S) — direct link on chan/board/ — permanent link in offsite gallery — filename of ALL images Q posts - archives of every link Q posts (except pdfs & videos) or anon he responds to posts Full sized images Q posts/responds to updated: https://postimg.cc/gallery/29wdmgyze/ This includes EVERY image Q has ever posted or was in a post Q responded to (nested) Screenshots (in EST) updated By month- 2020 JAN: https://postimg.cc/gallery/3brh8m11m/ FEB: https://postimg.cc/gallery/isxphakq/ MAR: https://postimg.cc/gallery/mjl2ud6y/ APR: https://postimg.cc/gallery/VcHNYYZ MAY: https://postimg.cc/gallery/dYb63fh 2019 JAN: https://postimg.cc/gallery/wj2o5tkq/ Feb: https://postimg.cc/gallery/2jgywchdm/ March: https://postimg.cc/gallery/2d9ahuk56/ April: https://postimg.cc/gallery/16gtgjvx6/ May: https://postimg.cc/gallery/2uneblcuy/ June: https://postimg.cc/gallery/31uv0lwqi/ July: https://postimg.cc/gallery/2atvilh6i/ Aug: https://postimg.cc/gallery/1anknsku2/ Oct: NO POSTS Nov: https://postimg.cc/gallery/1efnfn0re/ Dec: https://postimg.cc/gallery/1se5rh1ay/ All images in these galleries are permanent, do not expire, you need no account, no nothing to access them, and you can post them anywhere, share them with link easily (or download) There are archives going back to the very 1st Q post on 4/pol/ ZIPPED FILES OF ALL Q'S POSTS, BY MONTH: 2019 JAN: https://anonfile.com/E70dAat5bc/01-19_JAN_rar FEB: https://anonfile.com/ufqe74v6ba/02-19_FEB_rar Mar: https://anonfile.com/sbg732b3n4/03-19_MAR_rar APR: https://anonfile.com/sdk0o9m3ne/04-19_APR_rar MAY: https://anonfile.com/R1PbZbw5na/05-19_MAY_rar JUN: https://anonfile.com/IcJf9ay4n7/06-19_JUN_rar JULY: https://anonfile.com/7ft6Rd16n2/07-19_JUL_rar AUG: https://anonfile.com/FatcK59dn4/08-19_AUG_rar OCT: NO POSTS NOV: https://anonfile.com/p3x3Z7C8n6/11-19_NOV_rar DEC: https://anonfile.com/9384U2O8n1/12-19_DEC_rar 2020: JAN: https://anonfile.com/7ejeF0S7n4/01-20_JAN_rar FEB: https://anonfile.com/l4A8O3p7o2/02-20_FEB_rar MAR: https://anonfiles.com/983dG3ndo6/03-20_MAR_rar APR: https://anonfile.com/V9Y9yev2of/04-20_APRIL_rar MAY: will be created at the end of the month, will update board with link → RIGHT-CLICK, CHOOSE "SAVE AS" to download zip file All articles Q posts/responds to are also being ARCHIVED due to high risk of editing/deletion to scrub evidence. THIS RESOURCE IS HERE FOR YOU WHATEVER YOUR NEED, YOU CAN SEARCH, USE FILTERS & DOWNLOAD FOR YOUR OWN USE SO YOU CAN HAVE IT OFFLINE For archive links to previous years, please just ask. Patriots, archive offline!

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