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Sheriff Grady Judd- Government Provides UNLIMITED Plane Tickets to ILLEGALS FOR FREE

Anonymous  03/07/24 (Thu) 15:13:56 3344fa (12) No.20531933


Sheriff Grady Judd Reveals How US Federal Government Provides UNLIMITED Plane Tickets to ILLEGALS FOR FREE to Any Destination in the US -- And Traffics Women in Sex Trade This Way

The Biden regime is flying trafficked illegal aliens in the sex industry across the United States for free. These trafficked human beings can fly an unlimited amount of times for free and YOU get to pay for it!

This is your tax dollars at work -- flying illegals trafficked in the sex trade across the US so they can be used in the sex trade.

Sheriff Grady Judd: Federal policy drives illegal immigrant crime and victimization. And that’s the focus other than our victims of human trafficking.


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