Scott Presler Joins Black Voices for Trump to clean up BLM Chaos in WI

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Scott Presler, who has become a social media influencer by cleaning up Democrat-controlled and decaying American cities, is joining forces with Black Voices for Trump to help Wisconsin communities recover from the recent Black Lives Matter riots. Presler, whose mission was inspired by President Donald Trump’s criticism of Democrat-run cities, will join with black Trump supporters and others who believe in his cause on Saturday in Milwaukee and Kenosha. Presler, who doubles his effort visiting American cities by registering people to vote, said he was at first discouraged to go to Wisconsin, where deadly riots have taken place after a black man was shot by police. “As soon as I announced I was coming to Milwaukee and Kenosha, people warned me not to go,” Presler told Breitbart News, adding that he will not let Black Lives Matter and Antifa deter him. “If American citizens can’t enjoy their cities, then we’ve already lost our freedom,” Presler said. “War is where peace needs to be.”

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