Save America March - Running Thread

Will try to link everything I see as the day progresses. Running Thread

Day took unexpected turn have not had a chance to put out videos saved as they were coming in Archive Folder HERE

The Moment Congress is put in recess due to protest outside.

The moment congress is called into recess. Patriots protest outside the Capitol

Jim Jordan lays out concerns of 63 million Americans

Lays out concerns of 63 Million Americans. The Authority rests with us (Congress)

RIP Steven Pickett and Thank you to all Gold Star Families

See this thread for full Trump Speech and breakdown (Clips will be pulled)

Rudy Giuliani and Professor Eastman at Save America Rally

Explains the Constitutionality of what is taking place today.

Calling for 10 days to examine machines(I believe this was suggested by Ted Cruz a few days ago)

Who hides evidence? Criminals hide evidence

Professor Eastman details the methods in which the machines are capable of and the data that proves fr*ud.

Don Jr. says he was canceled 17 times at speech in Washington D.C. Jan 6 2021

Amazing Arial Shot of the Jan 6th Save America March

Huge Early Morning Crowds in DC

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