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Ron Watkins' First Arizona Election Debate

Ron Watkins first debate clipped, scrubbed down to 25 minutes, compiled, noted and archived. Original linked below.

Proud of Ron, he did a great job. Help Watkins Win - Ron Watkins

Anonymous 04/27/22 (Wed) 20:08:34 6536f0 (12) No.16166987


Ron Talks America not seeking permission for the Revolutionary War (1776) in respects to decertification discussion with Blackman who claims nothing can be done.

- Americans go and fight even when they know they cant win!

Rino Blackman like to attack Ron on his lack of governmental experience but understands the election was stolen yet claims nothing can be done about it.

- Ron worked to assist in the Sidney Powell Kraken Lawsuit and the Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium

- The leftist judges have thrown all the cases out. Evidence was brought and it was thrown out. Blackman acknowledges but downplays impact.

> Do you trust the election system?

No I do not, we need more people to step up.

"I'm going to win. If i win 60/40 maybe it will be 51/49." (Jab at dominion machines) See recent Kari Lake notable requesting emergency injunction

Blackman continues to belittle Ron's governmental experience.

Yates urges people to move on and does not think election was stolen

- Border wall is the biggest issue for the district. Ron has spoken to Border Patrol. Biggest Issue is funding. Narcotics and Children being trafficked.

Blackman downplays border issues and continues to punch at Rons lack of gov experience.

==Blackman has skeletons that need to be dug. is light on the Blackman digs.==

The Mexican People are not the problem, not only are Venezuelans fleeing communism but many nationalities from all over the world are coming to Mexico and taking advantage of our border that has been neglected by an illegitimate resident which is so bad it is a direct dereliction of duty.

Ron is pro dream act.

Ron Discusses Rural Arizona and Navajo Nation issues that desperately need addressed. Hits on water Quality issues due to mining. The need exists to push infrastructure to the tribal areas.

Does not support Covid Relief Funds. Over Past 22 Months over 80% of all debt has been created. Lack of Accountability LOL 30 fucking trillion dollars.

Ron has no relation with Q Operation.

Ron has only lived in Arizona for previous 6 months but was raised in Arizona as a military brat. Started an international business and traveled abroad for business. Has grandparents who have lived in and still live in Arizona.

Yates soft on Abortion.

Ron- Abortion is murder. - Judge and jury, tried as a homocide.

Yates plays the conservation angle on climate change question and pulls the "I'm not a Scientist card"

Blackman gives a non answer

Ron Watkins - Dems just use the idea of climate change to tax us more. Get rid of the entire idea of climate change.


Anonymous 04/05/22 (Tue) 09:18:17 64db13 (2) No.16015739


Full PBS- Arizona Horizon election debates 2022: Republican candidates for Congressional District 2

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