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Melissa Rein Lively QAnon Karen go archive everyhting on her page offline:'

Deniro related? AZ related LUXURY linkage and food? "TBCPR Global" "For over 15 years, TBCPR has served global brands on communications campaigns and brand activations in Arizona and worldwide." "Our relationships and capabilities span the globe working with partners in the luxury, lifestyle, hospitality and tourism industries. " Just a coincidence that the so called "QAnon Karen" Melissa Rein Lively is an official mental case by her own words and is seeing a therapist and getting back on her meds. But, before all this she went to cabal TARGET and "destroyed" masks and she said QAnon HIRED HER to do this. She claimed to be the global spokesperson for QAnon in a video, but specifically sad she was HIRED. (talked into doing things)


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>>10302542 UMMM can we say MK therapist digg, Scottsdale and Denver background of her, her therapists and her family and ties? I think she has kind of clued us in that someone got into her head in "We Don"t Say His Name" McCain human traffic state Arizona. Did she hobnob in political fund raisers or chairity events where she was scoped out for future needs such as the Target event. Or born into it from DENVER? Just like shooters at schools and elsewhere, for narrative spins? well HMMM: HER PR page has a Leopard like MK kitten, Butterfly, flowers, open 24 hours image, lips, luxury push, fine bags and cars, hotel, images. The only pics on this page: The Icons A look at our favorite clients, moments and icons over the years. She has pics on her PR site stating her favorite clients: Nobu Matsuhisa and Robert DiNiro : ROBERT DENIRO, NOBU and REAL HOUSEWIVES BEVERLY HILLS husband Maurico Umansky. Jorge Perez The Related Group. Karrel Appel (ART) Robert Altschuler Mauricio Umansky, Melissa Lively, Raul Siquieros, Jack Luciano Robert Altschuler It seems to me this wealthy family "socialite" from DENVER (DIA airport Blucifer city) may have been used for a failed False Flag to make Q people look like crazy rampage people? Lively’s LinkedIn page describes her as “founder, CEO at The Brand Consortium PR.” "I was HIRED to be" the QAnon spokesperson Sounds like she did get a directive, but she failed to do it correctly? A glitch? Probably spoken to her as a PR job mixed with the one hiring her knowing full well she has mental issues, a scramble if you will ??? NOW: She is now telling everyone how this QAnon event ruined her reputation, her career and she almost lost her marriage. It just led to LOSSES. You will lose your clients, your work, your "LIVELY"hood (see this) Melissa Rein Lively A scare tactic narrative to keep others from looking into Q or they too will be forever mocked on the internet as a loon. QAnon and Trump 'Spokesperson' Melissa Rein Lively Gets Arrested She is speaking truth as to how she got entangled in my opinion. PR to make QAnon people look nuts was her assignment? Was she chosen for this failed False Flag? Mental problems, unstable, white, privledged, understands PR, talked into actions perhaps? video is now private of her talking on a podcast live with a random guy who called her after the Target event BUT was before she came out saying she was off her meds and now in therapy: face to face live video/podcast Interview with QAnon Karen Melissa Rein Lively It's all a conspiracy Poster child label as a a "Karen", a "Q Anon Karen" and a gold loving NAZI Woman's social media rant destroys reputation They sought her out? now her PR page ahs a full page mental health ad: "Her husband and others" Jared Lively needs a deep dig, her family in Denver needs a deep digg, her AZ ties and associates need a deep digg, social events, McCain perhaps? one of her images is on her PR page with DeNiro and others is a home, the jpg is labeled 6666 representing approximately 400 companies and causes since we launched over 10 years ago. (click on the pics to expand) butterfly: The Brand Consortium can help you "identify and make the right contacts " "lightning-fast" (lightening is a thing with these illuminated ones) leopard: "Like our spirit animal," the great African leopard, our PR prowess is bold, fearless and unique. flowers: And when it comes to events? "We make magic." QAnon and Trump 'Spokesperson' Melissa Rein Lively Gets Arrested 1,246 views•Jul 8, 2020


Click to try to play this video on, if it still exists on YouTube!

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>>10302542 >>10302559 was activated to make any white woman or other who do Q will be labelled as nuts >>10302542 Trump Supporter ⁣#Karen gets arrested on Instagram Live!! YES LORD! AHAHAHAHAHA ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ 33 views• Aug 8, 2020

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>>10302586 >>10302542 >>10302563 may want to check the links to see where they really lead in images ?? just like Wayfair shit lots of sneakers/shoes come up in images??? all the places she specializes in: MELISSA REIN Scottsdale, Arizona Scottsdale-based PR Machine specializing in lifestyle public relations including hospitality, restaurants, nightlife, spa, health/wellness, fashion & events. WORK The Brand Consortium PR EDUCATION Arizona State University

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>>10302650 >>10302542 hmmm? the white fence with blue ocean IMAGE reminds me of "something"? blue and white stripes Jani model management CELEB EXCLUSIVE Introducing Our Travel Editor — Melissa Rein Lively Melissa Rein Lively . May 21, 2020 When my phone rang with the opportunity to be the travel editor of the soon-to-be hottest luxury travel publication on the planet – I was thrilled. Not only because it has been a lifelong dream of mine to share my passion for experiences with the world, but also because it is now more important than ever to dream. To hope. To plan. To escape. Now, post-pandemic, the goal is not so much to post up for a weekend but to really see the bigger picture of the world and our place in it. After circling the globe and visiting more than 65 countries, I have always felt like I was part of something much greater than the immediate world around me. Every place I have visited, every person I have met, every glass I have raised, every sunset I have seen…. they have all contributed to the collective experience that is my life. To me, travel is so much more than a vacation. It’s a marathon experiment in piecing together not just who you are, but who you have been. It may just be the Burning Man in me talking, but every time the plane touches down in a new destination, there’s an electrifying current that resonates from my soul to every inch of my being. That feeling of knowing you’ve arrived in a place that’s really special. If you asked me to define the true ‘jet-set’ mindset, that’s it. That unmistakable feeling that you’re a citizen of the world. It’s a connection. An intuition. Maybe, just maybe, a distant memory of many past lives lived long ago. So what does this have to do with posting up at an uber-chic villa in Mykonos and rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest boldest names in our current dimension? Well, you’ll see. Travel is about feeling. Travel is about being. As it should be. In case you missed the memo, the world has entered a brand-new Golden Age. And with it, the way we travel will rise to the occasion. Emerging from a pandemic that quite literally made the Earth standstill, the dreamers, the adventurers, and those with a relentless appetite to experience everything that life has to offer will be the ones to make it spin again. That’s where you come in. My path of exploration seeks answers about the world we live in and how we can make it better. Looking back on a lifetime of incredible experiences, I can say with certainty that there is no better investment one can make in their future than to explore now. I hope you’ll join me on this journey to find beauty in unexpected places as we discover the world with a new set of eyes. I’ve seen the future my friends, and it’s a sight to see. XO

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