RNC 2020 - Day 3 - 8/26/2020

Started pulling clips of the RNC last night... I've enjoyed that work the most over the last 3 years, only to finally realize that the Trump team would absolutely have someone on staff doing exactly that. In the middle of uploading the clips, President Trump spams every clip I spent the last 3 hours watching and clipping. Lesson learned, also pulled from incorrect source (Fox Business). Work linked anyways. Amazing line up and moving speeches. VP Pence also spoke but I did not upload because I had a recorder malfunction mid way through the speech.

My top 3 to watch below

Gov Kristi Noam - Constitutional Principals

Lara Trump - Women for Trump, Law and Order, Keep America America

Richard Grenell - #Obamagate Synopsis

Should watch and share the heck out of these. This is the kind of thing that drives moderate democrats to vote R this fall. Help Grow Silent Majority.

Synopsis of #Obamagate

President Trump is the most Pro-Life President our country has ever had.

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