REVEALED: Soros’s Election Coup Playbook Demanding America Abandons Constitutional Norms And Prepare

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Annotated version of the Soros/CCP Transition Integrity Project "wargame doc" (posted by The National Pulse): If you haven't at least read this doc yet I recommend it for sure - fascinating stuff. I think it would be interesting to see additional detailed analyses.

The Transition Integrity Project makes no bones about its scorn for the Electoral College and we know why. The Electoral College prevents mob rule. It prevents the coastal elites running roughshod over what they call “Flyover country”. And it specifically was designed to do so.

In other words it was intended to stop the tyranny of the majority and mob rule. 

But the Transition Integrity Project unironically accuses the RIGHT of opposing America’s norms, while they say this about the Electoral College:

“TIP recognizes and shares the view that the Electoral College is profoundly anti-democratic, and that numerous long-standing practices also function to create structural biases in our voting system. For present purposes, however, these constraints are treated as givens.”

In addition to objecting to the Electoral College – a constitutional necessity – they take aim at more recent norms within the U.S. The norm of “Election night”.


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