Reminder: Alex Jones Is A Shill

[AJ] was denied access to the stage at the March for Trump rally today. This was a stunt.

Alex is known for co-opting, corrupting, and making a scene to distract from our narrative.

Here is an infamous clip of the traitor.

It has been alluded to that he works for foreign governmental agencies, is responsible for Corsi who was tied in tightly with Patriots Soap Box early on. Corsi and Alex claimed to know Q (Co-opt attempt), Then claimed to have a better military insider than Q, named "Zack" (Subvert), When all that failed IW attacked the movement (Discredit Attempt).

There are many more shills out there than just Alex and IW crew. Believe what you want about his employees (PJW and MW) but always keep a skeptical eye when it comes to the IW crew. They tell about 80% truth, 20% completely made up bs. This tactic is used to herd the target audience with information they want, then insert strategic lies to discredit the other information.

Once you see the tactics enough times, they become obvious.

As far as Patriots Soap Box is concerned I have not followed or listened to them once since Corsi. Are they Friend or Foe??? That's for you to decide. Millie Weavers documentary Shadowgate followed the IW playbook to a T. Remember she was arrested the day of the release unrelated circumstances something about stealing . Cause and effect. Generate Publicity and according to this MSN article raised $138,000 for legal defense for a dispute with her mother. (?)

The Documentary itself was laced with disinformation, that was later blamed on a source in the video, (Corrupt)

Jones tried to force his way onto stage (12/12/2020) at the March for Trump rally in DC and was denied by security (Attempt to Co-Opt / generate credibility)

12-12-2020 - In my opinion, Jones is attempting to Co-opt the "Proud boys" on the streets of DC and make them 'His' militia. [They] benefit from violence and division and in my opinion are going to attempt to foment as much as possible over the coming weeks. Pray for peace


We've seen heavy police presence in the DC, area with a Proudboy being stabbed

Corsi With Rockefeller

An Actor

Most of Alex Jones fans are hard to convince of these facts though.

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