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3 Whistleblowers Tell Their Stories on Hannity

All three have signed affidavits under penalty of perjury

Told 100k ballots missing MSU and USPS Back dating

Bethpage NY to Lancaster PA 300,00 ballots. 24 pallets. October 21- Bethpage to Harrisburgh PA to Lancaster PA.

At Adjudication table a ballot came up where both straight party tickets were clearly intentionally marked. She gave it to the Democrats. Her supervisor did the same thing They committed open fraud in my face.

The #Nevada Native Vote Project posted photos on #Facebook on #ElectionDay of smiling #Voters holding $25 gift cards after handing over their #Ballots. The posts have since been deleted but not before they were archived.

@The Epoch Times .com is behind a paywall now... (Boo but I understand)

However I have been a print subscriber for about 2 years now. Well worth the money. Ive saved every Weekly and Mailer. Its my personal print archive of these historic times.

All your packets belong to us! Arizona hearing

Our white hat hackers have those packets


NY business owner SLAMS @NYGovCuomo for taking $225K salary, the "working man and woman" cant.

NY business owner SLAMS @NYGovCuomo for taking $225K salary while telling the "working man and woman" they can't make a living –– and then RIPS up citation live on the air.

Colonel Walton discusses vote switching and the 2018 Ky Gov Race (AZ)

We have Identified almost a dozen ways to inject or interdict to manipulate votes

Witness at Michigan Hearing says all military ballots she saw looked like xerox copies of each other

Witness at Michigan Hearing says all military ballots she saw looked like "xerox copies" of each other, none were registered Michigan voters and all were for Biden

James O'keefe to Release phone calls with CNN Executives

Wisconsin UMS Employee, USPS subcontractor Whistleblower Claims 100,000 Ballots Were Missing.

Route and Box Truck Driver who had delivered ballots in Sept. and Oct. from UMS to USPS Nov. 2 and 3 showed abnormally low ballots in circulation Nov 4 Asked by a senior USPS employee if he had forgot any ballots. Said 100k ballots were missing. Post office sent employees to look for ballots. Only 7 or 8 were found at UMS Second USPS employee 'Rachel' said USPS Employees were told to backdate ballots.

12-1 Project Veritas Jamie Gangel Explains CNN Does Not Want To Give President Trump a Platform

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