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Adam Schiff is leveraging the intelligence community to claim there is nothing to see here

You have been complicit in their slavery. You have stolen their money. You have taken blood money. Stolen from the Chinese people and slave labor.

An Appeal to Heaven

It may be a mess right now but God chose a fighter to straighten this out.

Man Dangling From Rope Outside Trump Tower in Chicago demands to speak to the President. President Trump was in NV for a scheduled campaign rally at the time. At time of post no new information is known.

President Trump gives tithes to local Nevada church

Jon Voight - The left are deceitful and have lied to the American People, They have stripped down her powers, for the increase of their own power.

//See the Satanism Occult folder in the Qnotables library for a quick look into their world of darkness (18+)//

Black man with rainbow confederate flag and mask outside Trump Rally in Ocala Florida October 17 2020

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