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Qnotables 4000th Notable and Just Passed Our 4 Year Anniversary

The last few weeks have been rough for me personally. I do not like to bring my personal issues to the table, but felt like I needed to explain why I have been MIA quite a bit recently and may be for some time in the future. I will attempt to keep up with what I can, however I am about to undergo a second surgery to address neuropathy related to a rotator cuff injury sustained a while back. Timing on this type of thing is never great when at war with evil, however on top of that I have been forced to examine the realities of my current employment situation. I know God has me and I have systems of financial redundancy and personal resourcefulness in place that will carry my family for a while, but they will not sustain us forever. I have not been able to convince my wife and children that my efforts here affect the temperature of the water in the midst of this war, and I am coming to terms with that as well. I never made claims that I could do this alone, nor have I gotten everything right. The goal was for this site was to be a team effort, I never intended it to be solo project.

With out my family, I am nothing. Fully aware of physical limitations, an unwillingness to find new suitable employment is not in line with my role as the head of household. I have been in the midst of an attempted career change during my time off work. Half way to "retirement" at a good paying job with top tier benefits, to start over in a field aligned more closely with minimal physicality, and no real-world experience, does not make for an easy transition. I am currently enrolled in business courses utilizing veteran benefits as an attempt to gain employable credentials and unlock doors of knowledge that will set me free from serfdom all together. All this while attempting to be the best father to my 3 children that I can, despite the global situation, threats to my Country and unknown lengths of commitments I made to my Country.

I struggle with the thought of silently watching from the sidelines, hustling for something else knowing it will never satisfy quite like this effort has. Producing the archives here and working to maintain the boards took a significant amount of effort, and all mainstream platforms have silenced them. I was aware that might happen but I could not risk all anons being silenced without a back up plan in place, so I built this site as an archive to educate new anons, expose the enemies to our nation, explain the actual war and our role as citizens in it. I hoped to encourage new eyes to learn and join in our efforts on the back channel, while helping exposing the truth of the operation to the general public. Always seeking ways to engage and effectively communicate the realities of the world that a large majority still remain oblivious to. Part of me wonders if some of the things I have re-published here were never supposed to make it to the general public in a permanent fashion, but remain in passing on /qresearch/ to be lost again as the cache was cleared.

Q told us that we and our families were safe. However being a public figure producing regular podcast or trying to garner fame was never an intention of mine. I have no interest in becoming known any more than what I share with you here. I recognized the power and means of those I sought to expose and no post Q would ever make would convince me to dox myself intentionally. Other than my wife and kids, service to my Country has been the only effort that has ever provided me with any sense of purpose, pride, and fulfillment and I will never quit, in whatever capacity I am able.

Should my external circumstances interfere with my abilities to produce the content that I have for the past 4 years, know that I am working elsewhere as much as I can, follow me on Truth Social or join us on /qresearch/ (Note-takers and bakers are always needed).


4 Years Wayback Machine - Evolution of

4000+ Archived notables

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