Q4873 & GOP Lawmakers demand hearing on Big Tech censorship before Nov. 3

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Anons were warned years ago of pending 'China [communist] style' tactic approaching re: censor and terminate any/all dissenting views.

They are not in control of their own platform(s).


You didn't think it was just a conspiracy did you?


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GOP Lawmakers demand hearing on Big Tech censorship before Nov. 3 With 19 days until the November presidential election, Republican lawmakers on the House Oversight and Reform committee are demanding social media companies answer to their censoring of conservatives and bombshell news reports. The letter, signed by 18 Republican members of the House, requests that an emergency hearing take place as soon as possible. The letter cites Twitter and Facebook’s censoring of the NYPost’s recent reporting on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. The reports allege Hunter Biden used his family’s political power as leverage to make large cash gains in both Ukraine and China. Twitter won’t let me post this… pic.twitter.com/VhPpplaLsi — Jennie Taer 🇺🇸🇮🇱✡️ (@JennieSTaer) October 15, 2020

“Shortly after the story was posted on Facebook, the company decided to ‘reduce its distribution’ in an apparent attempt to limit access to the story. Just as concerning, Facebook reportedly refused to answer basic questions about its decision. Twitter also censored the article and warned users that it is ‘potentially spammy or unsafe,” the Republican letter states. “Facebook and Twitter have done little to limit distribution of negative stories about President Trump and others who may share his political views. This effort to selectively limit speech based on political affiliation is very concerning.” Big Tech isn't even trying to hide it. They're bending over backwards to protect @JoeBiden & interfere in America's election. Monopolies like @Twitter & @Facebook have the power to sway the outcome by censoring information.@GOPoversight and I are demanding emergency action. pic.twitter.com/9EOdKE81Aa — Rep. Jody Hice (@CongressmanHice) October 15, 2020 https://saraacarter.com/gop-lawmakers-demand-hearing-on-big-tech-censorship-before-nov-3/

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Do you get it yet?

They are afraid of you [reach][uncontrolled][anti-narrative][free-thought]

Don't forget about the House Intel Committee meeting re: 'Qanon' today.

More 'conspiracy' [fact-less base-less claims] pushed re: violent, extremist, racist, dangerous, anti-gov, nazism, white supremacy, anti-religion, anti-American, ………..

#2 attacked topic _[POTUS #1].



Brandy Zadrozny @BrandyZadrozny

4h BREAKING: From me and @oneunderscore__ YouTube bans QAnon, Pizzagate, and other conspiracy content that targets individuals.


https://youtu.be/HCEDix0hsOI Kayleigh McEnany on Hannity 10/14/2020

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