Q4760 - Have faith in your research.

https://mobile.twitter.com/Techno_Fog/status/1309214886401114115 The


report on Durham reviewing Clinton Foundation investigation:

1) Agents/FBI managers seek subpoena of CF

2) Top DOJ criminal division officials deny request

Did Andrew Weissmann deny the subpoena? In 2016 he led the Fraud Section.


-any idea?

Timing can be derived from picture.

Anons have always known.

Have faith in your research.




If we right click on Q's 747 picture and click 'copy image' - we can take that to tineye.com right click and click paste.

This should automatically begin the search of the 747 image we pasted. This will allow us to gain context of were the photo came from.

Results display 3 locations:

American Thinker is my most trusted of the three, but checking multiple results is a good idea.


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