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Q Research General #20430: HOLY COW, Musk BUYS TWITTER!!! What's NEXT??? Edition

Note the below are NOT full baker notes original bun link included.

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Anonymous 04/25/22 (Mon) 18:45:44 f35f19 (9) No.16152795

>>16152065 Left-Wing Group Demands Apple Preemptively Nuke Truth Social


>>16152124 DJT Jr tweet: Never skip range day

>>16152131 This is the future of taking on woke companies: Devin Nunes (video)


>>16152135 Great Speeches: George Washington's Farewell Address (video)


>>16152147 Catherine Herridge (CBS): small government pilot program @NGA_GEOINT is putting adults with autism to work using their unique skills to serve their country in intelligence field


>>16152297, >>16152567 Court Temporarily Blocks Biden Admin From Lifting 'Title 42'


>>16152339, >>16152373, >>16152385 FBI Director Christopher Wray on foreign cyberattacks, domestic terrorism and attacks on law enforcement (mp4s)


>>16152411 Breaking911: TRUMP TO FOX NEWS: "I am not going on Twitter, I am going to stay on TRUTH


>>16152514 Black Lives Matter PAC siphoned away almost ALL of its $116,000 cash reserves in the first three months of 2022 - largest chunk of funds going to firm owned by BLM board member


>>16152588 Angry Moms Confront LGBTQ Groomers in Explosive School Board Meeting (pjmedia link)


>>16152672 Joe Biden Just Promoted the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Who Attacked the Investigation into the Hunter Biden-Linked Burisma


>>16152359, >>16152534, >>16152609 Google Rolls Out Feature That Corrects You With Woke 'Inclusive' Language; Report


>>16152715 Beijing has dismissed claims that it is going to set up a military base in the Solomon Islands


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