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PROJECT PELE - Full Scale Portable Nuclear Reactor

Anonymous06/10/22 (Fri) 09:43:26063739 (30)No.16425030

The Pentagon awarded BWXT Advanced Technologies a contract worth up to $300 million to build a full-scale mobile reactor and deliver it in time for a 2024 demonstration.



Anonymous 06/10/22 (Fri) 18:57:13 0a026f (7) No.16427522

So they're awarding a $300M contract to BWXT Advanced Technologies to deliver a small reactor just like the one Lockheed Martin was working on and speaking publicly about in 2014 and pulling patents for in 2018.

Is this a public front company for LM Skunk Works? You know where under the guise of national defense they get a monopoly and given our taxes as funding to develop technologies that they patent and then sell back to the people who paid for it in the first place.

Awesome business model if you can get it.

Mr. President (the real one) please reward innovation, but these transformational technologies and physics belong to mankind, not a handful of black project budget gluttons.

Honest pay for honest work, a good profit for good business, but a perpetual monopoly on the future of mankind by the ongoing enslavement of men to archaic paradigms for the benefit of a tiny elite.

You know what they've known for almost 100 years. Enough is enough.

Declassify our future and return it to the ones who paid for it and continue to do so.


Anonymous 06/10/22 (Fri) 19:04:23 0a026f (7) No.16427546

While we're making mortgage payments to fill our gas tanks with oil.

Compact Fusion Reactor

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