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President Trump AZ Rally Thread - Guest Speakers

ARIZONA 1.15.22 est 50,000 in attendance. Hundreds of thousands watching live on every platform and feed I have checked.

Working Thread updating throughout the night.

Apologies to the speakers I missed prior

Rep. Andy Biggs

RSBN cut away from Rep Paul Gossar shortly into his speech to cover Mike Lindell


Wendy Rogers - Decertify 2020


Mark Finchem - Decertify with cause


Kari Lake - "They have awoken a sleeping giant."

"The pendulum is starting to swing back"; I will never cower to the radical marxist's.

"We are being invaded"

Arizona will finish the wall, and calls for Fauci to be locked up

Also calls for anyone involved in the shady election to be locked up.

-Sunlight is the best disinfectant

-God woke you up for a reason


Liz Harris

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