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President Donald J. Trump in Latrobe, PA 11.5.2022


President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, Delivers Remarks in Latrobe, PA on Saturday, November 5, 2022 at 7:00PM EDT.


Notes Incoming-

Blue Ribbon Comittees to deal with the Cartels. We have to bring our Law Enforcement back in and maybe our military.

They must think I'm going to announce for president tonight-

This could be the vote that determines if this is a Country or not a Country.

PA Vote could be about having the majority or not


We have a Country in decline.

If you want safety you must vote Republicans up and down the line

Barr threatened with Impeachment so he didn't want to look at election fraud - Bill Barr Didn't have the guts. We need tough people we need smart people we need people willing to fight.

They are turning into a police state where long gone is socialism, this is Communism.

Cast light on the Catherine Englebrecht and True the Vote situation.

Locking up Pro Life activists all over the place.

Fake News They are the enemy of the people


We need Judges and Justices with strength and courage. The election was stolen

The 2020 election was not right it was not allowed.

They cheated like dogs.

What about 2020 election? Overturn the election.

Every freedom loving american needs to understand the time to stand up to this tyranny is right now.

It's harder for them to cheat if you go in and vote in person on Tuesday.

>Fraud Vitiates everything

The vote counters are crooked as hell.

The vote counter is always more important than the candidate.

We've got to get McConnells of the world to do their job and not allow it and his wife

==COCO CHAO==? (Elaine Chow)


For 6 years the witch hunts, hoaxes and abuses have been coming fast and furious.

Fake Dossier It was made up by crooked Hillary, the Democrat National Committee and the Democrat Party,

Adam Schiff made up my phone call. He said 8 times a quid pro quo.

I like Zelensky for one particular reason he said that was false,

He gave a speech, He made up a story, Hes a sleeze ball.

-We recorded the phone call.

>There is no retribution for lying in the halls of congress.

Past Notable - Ukraine Transcript


Russia, Russia, Russia.

Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine.

Mueeler Witch Hunt - The conclusion, was no collusion.

Impeachment Hoax #1

Impeachment Hoax #2

The censorship of the Biden family corruption story the Laptop from hell.

They called it Russian Disinformation even though they knew it was a complete horror show.

Pollsters said it would have mad a 17 point difference.

They subpoenaed me. They never investigate the things the American people are concerned about.


Jan 6th Unselect committee of thugs.

Nancy Pelosi is head of security.

Mayor Bowser offered 10-20k soldiers for the day and they refused them. (Past Notable)

Letitia 'peekaboo' James. Residing over the highest rate of crime in NY ever. (Letitia James Past notables)

A call about election integrity... Even more perfect call than the Ukraine call.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a nice easy life.

We're gonna straighten it out.


We hve a weaponize DOJ and weaponized FBI.

The RAID on Mar-A-Lago.

Highest poll numbers I've ever had.

Hardly because the democrats are doing such a bad job managing our country.

We're winning big big big in the Republican party

Trump 71%


Pence, doing surprisingly better than I would have thought at 7%

No way Liz Cheney is at 4%

Ted Cruz is doing a good job. He didn't like me for a while but we became friends. I'm going to put him on the Supreme Court.


To every citizen who is appalled by the radical lefts lawlessness and corruption, and they are corrupt, this election is your chance to make your vote heard. With your vote you can reject left wing maniacs, you can reject left wing tyranny, and proudly declare that America will always remain a free country.


>maybe things will happen that will free it up. We have to do it but we want to do it at the voter booth.



Nuclear War scare with Biden in charge... Russia talking about nuclear war every other day. This never happened with me. We did a great job with Kim Jong Un. This is the greatest threat this nation has ever faced since our founding because of the power of the weaponry, and we have a man in charge that doesn't know what the hell he is doing. We were about to be energy independent.


Under my leadership we gave you the largest tax and regulation cuts in American history, by contrast the radical democrat congress passed on of the largest tax hikes in American History.

I rebuilt our military and including our nuclear capability and the creation of Space Force more than 79 years anything like that has happened. They surrendered our strength and turned Afghanistan into the largest humiliation our Country has ever had. leaving $85B of the best Military equipment in the world behind and most importantly leaving American citizens behind. 13 soldier killed and many wounded.

I spoke to the head of the Taliban, the press went crazy and I told Abdul don't kill any of our soldiers. We were going to get out with strength and respect. We were going to keep Bargrahm Air Force Base 1 hour away from China, where they make their nuclear weapons. They left the dogs (K9's). They were afraid of us, they were afraid of our F-16's, now they own our F-16s' we gave them everything. The greatest humiliation this nation has ever seen.


President Trump teases a sooner than expected announcement.


Doug Mastriano


Dr. Oz

Tomorrow Morning Contact 10 people. Find the time

Ask the question : Are you happy with the way America is going?

- If they answer yes take their keys away, they should not be driving in that condition.

-if they say no, tell them that I believe that we are the land of opportunity. tell them that we are the land of plenty. I will bring change to Washington, so they treat us the way we deserve.


Congressman Mark Kelley

Glenn 'GT' Thompson

Congressman Guy Reschenthaler

Jim Bognet


Paula White


Kenneth Copeland - Christian Patriot

By covenant this Nation belongs to God. You are still our God, and we are still your people.


Spontaneous Star Spangled Banner started directly after Kenneth Copeland stepped off stage. Make A


This nation does not belong to them this nation belongs to you.


President Trump tells a heartwarming story about Golf Legend Arnold Palmer who's hometown was Latrobe Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania - A Nation in Decline

Latrobe, PA 11.5.22 Rally Close


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