Post Debate Clips and Shortened Cliff Note Version, Plus My First Video Meme

Qnotables Cliff Notes Debate 1 - All below clips smashed into one quicker version

1. President Trump Details Healthcare Plan

2. Biden refuses to answer the question about packing the court.

3 Trump details Covid Response

4 Biden and harris campaign pushing vax fear and smear the companies making the vaccines

5 Masks and Rallies

6 Economy

7 Trump Addresses 750 dollars in Fed Taxes

There is no number 8... Mis-numbered

9 Biden will raise your taxes Burisma and Hunter Biden corruption

10 On race

11 Critical Race Theory

12 Return to core values and Law and Order

13 Reimagining Law enforcement with Joe

14 Joe embraces Antifa

15 Trump and Bidens Pitch for a second term Hunter Biden and 3.5M from moscow

16 The Environment and calls Joe out for his remark for calling the military stupid bastards

17 Joe No Longer Supports "The Green New Deal"

18 Voter Fraud Issues Logan Act - We Caught them all

19 Solicited Ballots Vs Unsolicited Ballots

20 Lengthy delays in Election Results Expected. Urges Supporters to be Poll Watchers

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