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PF Reports- Europe Middle East and India Notable Movement

Anonymous 11/14/22 (Mon) 12:30:32 41ad44 (18) No.17771222

PF Brussels Departures: Hungarian AF HUAF704 Falcon 7X back to Budapest, German AF GAF645 GLT5 to Berlin, Swedish AF SVF632 G4 SE and French AF CTM0012 Falcon 900 departing back to Paris


Anonymous 11/14/22 (Mon) 16:13:32 41ad44 (18) No.17771236

PF Europe Update

'''Slovenia AF LSV101 Falcon 2000 done gettin' new instructions from the gatekeepers of hell in Brussels and back to Ljubljana Int'l, Italian AF IAM3150 Falcon 900 arriving-to be bent over as well-to Brussels, Czech AF CEF058 A319 also left Brussels and back to Prague, Swedish AF SVF632 G4 went to Amman, Jordan and Polish AF PLF110 737 went to Warsaw from Brussels


Anonymous 11/14/22 (Mon) 11:00:25 41ad44 (18) No.17771211

PF Europe-Med-Gulf Activity Coupla C-2 Greyhounds off USS Shrub (CNV-77) in the Adriatic-red dot: RG01 and 02 heading to Signonella AB, Sicily, Greek AF HAF352C G5 back to Athens from Brussels, Slovenian AF LSV101 Falcon 2000 NW from Ljubljana Int'l-heading to Brussels, Swiss AF SUI105 Falcon 900 SE from Ber/Belp Airport, Indian AF IFC31 Embraer 135 out and back to Lisbon-further east we have Russian AF RSD073 Ilyushin II-96 west from Novosibirsk after about 75m on ground, German AF GAF936 A330 departed SingaporeScholz(he din't go to Bali), French AF CTM1034 A330 departed Jodhpur, India after overnight (India's Army Chief is in Paris) Slovenia elects first female president in a run-off vote

Germany and Singapore to deepen collaboration, including in climate action and defence

Army chief on four-day visit to France to boost defence ties


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