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Re: Sonoma County (California's "Wine Country" just north of San Francisco), Tunnels and Pelosi, I've posted some of this b4, has been a few months. Trying to dig around to find it again to repost.

There's a Silicon Valley Big Tech/Exec twatter I've long suspected as acting as a sort of advertiser/concierge service to the cabal pedo/canninbal scene, in Sonoma mostly. Rather not share the account by name here, but he promotes himself as a wine buff, and some of the specialty wineries he retweets lead to 'dasting places when dug. He's a super party-line mainstream Dem (std Haberman retweets, etc.) and sometimes out of the blue he posts creepy little kid stuff. Dude dialed it way back a few months ago, plus I got caught up in other stuff and stopped monitoring closely. But here's some of it, in case new eyes want to dig on it. You'll often fine big names attached if you dig far enough (one had a deBlasio owner iirc).

But just check out this "review" of this specialty wine. Tell me that's not code. And the pic is pretty reminiscent of blood too – notice the drop on the bottle to the right.

Also attached is an excerpt from article about how extensive tunnels are in the area, a pic of Rutherford wineries' underground dining hall w/pedo spiral & inverted tree, and a link of "ping pong" to catacombs (underground tunnels) and pedo shit.

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