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>>10509229 TYB Sentinel features: Other PC-like features include auto populating of text Two common employee complaints in 2010 were not addressed in the new IG report. One was that "several users lost partially completed forms and hours of work while using Sentinel," because it lacked an auto-save capability. In addition, "users also found the lack of an integrated spell checker unacceptable because most current word processing software includes this feature," the IG said then. Two years ago, the IG noted, the FBI insisted that Sentinel's search function worked just fine. "Yet we found that only 42 percent of the respondents to our survey who used Sentinel's search functionality often received the results they needed," the IG reported this week. In particular, "Sentinel returned either too many search results for users to reasonably review orno results at all for a document the user knew existed," 23 employees added in a comment section. (Italics added.) Corney hidin' in the corn field. Has auto population of text yet no spell check. Seems rather odd.

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In other words, things could still go wrong, and skeptics expect they will. "Mark my words, FBI will fail again," writes one commenter on, in response to the news of Fulgham's pending departure. (There's no word yet on where he will be working next.) The official word from the FBI is that the system will be launched "in the summer." Fulgham expressed confidence that Sentinel will not only work as advertised, but even come in a few million dollars under its $451 million budget. But if there are any last-minute glitches, Fulgham won't be around to fix them. Let's hope he's not needed.

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Fulgham said that the FBI had considered retaining Lockheed as the prime contractor and systems integrator for Sentinel, but a rough time and cost estimate Lockheed provided to the FBI "was not acceptable. Translation: Yeah, but Comey left Lockheed, so we are pulling the project back in house.

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FBI's Sentinel Project: 5 Lessons Learned Fulgham wasn't around to participate in the unveiling. He left the FBI this spring to take a job with Lockheed Martin –yes, the same company he elbowed aside in 2010 when choosing the agile development path. In his new role, Fulgham is a VP with Lockheed Martin's information systems and global solutions division, where he works with U.S. and international defense agencies. Sure. Why not? Comey did it too.

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>>10509565 Did Q say chat logs? All I caught was logs.

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> >Files do not go 'missing' unless 7th floor direct involvement. >Follow the logs. >Q

Sentinal and Data Integrity Audit logs are extremely important since they ensure data remains complete, accurate, and reliable. Based on the Sentinal documentation, it would be extremely difficult to delete documents without leaving an audit log trail and it would be even more difficult to alter or delete audit logs. Sentinal follows the security guidelines laid out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This is spelled out in Section 6.1 of the Sentinal documentation. It says the system will: -Log all Operating System, Database and Get/Put logs. -Send audit logs to the Enterprise Security Operations Center for daily monitoring of potential system misuse. -General users cannot view, change, or delete the audit logs.

The relevant NIST publication for secure log management is in NIST Special Publication 800-92. This means: -Users should not be able to rename or delete logs. -Archived log files are protected so they can’t be later altered. TL;DR -If someone deleted documents in Sentinal, there is an audit log of exactly who deleted what. -If someone deleted or altered audit log files, the entire system is not secure and any case could be called into question due to potential data tampering. This would open a huge can of worms for thousands of FBI cases.

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