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Imran Kahn, Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Shot in Attempted Assassination.


Anonymous 11/03/22 (Thu) 13:05:03 10c6c6 (6) No.17720580

Imran Khan injured in assassination attempt in Pakistan

BREAKING: Imran Khan names 3 suspects behind his assassination attempt. 🇵🇰

1- Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah.

2- Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

3- ISI’s Islamabad sector commander Major General Faisal Naseer.

Imran Khan names three suspects behind attack. Pak PM Shehbaz Sharif is one of them


>To be perfectly honest I have no idea who any of Pakistans officials are or what they represent or stand for. We are in the midst of a worldwide revolution assassination attempts are notable.

-Pray for peace.

Wiki suggests government corruption and attempts to regain control from the people of Pakistan.

>The country's first prime minister to be ousted through a no-confidence motion vote in parliament, Khan was charged in August 2022 by the Pakistani police under anti-terror laws after Khan accused the police and judiciary of detaining and torturing his close aide in.[27] On 3 November 2022, he survived an assassination attempt for which he blamed Prime MinisterShehbaz Sharif and Inter-Services Intelligence.



>seems as if the people respect him.

Anonymous 11/03/22 (Thu) 13:32:51 10c6c6 (6) No.17720587

Violent protests have started in Pakistan. The public is even attacking army bases and vehicles.

The media of Pakistan is not covering any of this.


Anonymous 11/03/22 (Thu) 13:50:48 10c6c6 (6) No.17720591



Pakistan PM Imran Khan slammed for saying bin Laden was ‘martyred’ - June 25, 2020

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