NYT Makes the Case For Normies to Learn Personal OPSEC

We are anonymous for a reason. The enemy seeks to destroy us.

Anonymous 02/06/21 (Sat) 02:12:32 d8962f (1) No.12838437

GLOWIES JUST DOXXED EVERYONE AT CAPITOL JAN 6TH somebody leaked cellphone surveillance data to NYT for thousands and thousands of ppl in DC on Jan. 6th – "We were quickly able to match more than 2,000 supposedly anonymous devices in the data set with email addresses, birthdays, ethnicities, ages and more." https://archive.is/sAmxC


https://mega.nz/folder/r2gH1CYa#5yeuH_gcenMPBr-rEZ2m4w my archives

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Anonymous 02/06/21 (Sat) 02:49:05 90af7b (21) No.12838615

>>12838437 You mean like they did with antifa? Cause this data flow is 100% Antifa command structure.

https://qanon.pub/?q=antifa selected posts

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