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not everything but some key stuff

first 50 minutes

June 6, 2022

Jim: I was on the cover of the Rolling Stone! ….

Can't talk about everything, there are some serious problems going on.

Decided at last minute to do everything by Zoom, at my atty's office in Chicago. People were praying for me, felt like there were angels in the room at that time.

When they [congress reps] are talking to you, they try to spin the narrative….[but] I was there….you can't look me in the face, with angels everywhere, and tell me your lies are going to make me tell you [something different].

Lower House of Congress is taking on Judicial and executive functions. I guess they are going to literally have soviet show trials this week.

Q: Were you invited to do a show trial?

Jim: No. Everything they talked about was secret today. I can't talk about the specifics, have no time to be in jail…was a six hour interrogation.

[reads the letter he wrote to Bennie Johnson in answer to q's asked]

This is the only thing I can actually talk about what happened today.

[wowee….totally scathing…."I won't be your Rasputin"…."I won't step on my integrity for you"]

What a bunch of slobs and slimy bastards they are.

Moderator asks participants not to ask q's about committee meeting…..

[discussion shifts to talking about Jan 6…..Ron is there too….]

Q: Are you attacked because you run a free speech site?

Jim: Most people like free speech but the ones attacking me have big money….[all try to associate me with Qanon, the "bogey man" – Media Matters and George Soros fund the attacks]

Q: Are they going after you to get at Ron?

Jim: Would be a dirty trick.

Ron: Obviously set up to be a kangaroo court…it could hurt my campaign, yeah.

Q: I think they're worried about this Qanon stuff. Seems like that's all they want to talk about.

Jim: Lower House wrote a condemnation of Qanon. Soros and MM pay reporters to talk about Qanon and attempt to make it me….the whole point of it is, they're trying to do that.

Q to Ron: What will you investigate when you get into office?

Ron: Fauci…..they essentially enslaved the world for a year or so. Also the stolen election and Biden/Hunter laptop….

Q: How did you feel?

Jim: I felt empowered, power of prayer. I didn't let those people talk down to me. Not me – Holy Spirit.

Ron: What do you think their endgame is?

Jim: Six months to take over the United States. Re-imagine Disney style the USA. They intend to do this even before the election. We have to make sure this doesn't happen. I believe they will just do it. They are expressing power that they don't have the right to right now. No separation of power.

Ron: What can be done from here?

Jim: They want us divided. Don't give that to them. What we can do? Look them in the face every time they do something like this. Mock them. Don't accept it. Point it out. Just Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

They stepped on the Constitution all day long.

Ron: Country has moved so far away from the Constitution – gotta get CRT outta the schools and the Constitution back in….[goes onto talk about how they are using the public portion to get free PR for their campaigns].

Jim: I spent $50,000 in the last few days on attorneys for the hearing.

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