Notables 13820 - 13829 [Complete]

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>>10805512 Voters File Lawsuits Claiming Election Meddling Funded by Mark Zuckerberg

>>10805374, >>10805541, >>10805571 Amy Coney Barrett

>>10805354 BREAKING: Brennan Cooked Up 'Putin-Helped-Trump’ Intel

>>10805323 Dick Brainehas been elected as the leader of the UK Independence Party

>>10805284 ZH: OC Sheriffs person into custody who ran car through crowd of Trump supporters.

>>10805223 Muh Roe v. Wade

>>10805217 Dig on US Attorneys: G. Zachary Terwilliger

>>10805211 Teigen twat: "making me weak"

>>10805141 Cryin' Schumer: Justice Ginsburg must be turning over in her grave up in Heaven

>>10805128 Spitnik: CIA insider 'claims' China has over 100 spies operating in city

>>10805115 Grenell tweet: Well over 50,000 Christians lifting their prayer

>>10805109 POTUS Schedule 9/29

>>10805011 GWP: Brennan overruled dissenting-analysts (concluded Russia favored Clinton)

>>10805009 QPost matched real time with Trump's Rally speech: weapons.

>>10805004, >>10805224, >>10805417, >>10805523 Peaceful Protests in Seattle

>>10804953, >>10805468 DJT Tweets/r: Today, it was my great honor to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett

>>10805679 #13829


>>10804286, >>10804338, >>10804343, >>10804353, >>10804358, >>10804327, >>10804372, >>10804417 Anon on Latest Q & Gilligan's Island - a show that premiered TODAY in 1967

>>10804324, >>10804349 Rally (i mean peaceful protest) images

>>10804339, >>10804351, >>10804458 John Bash, US attorney, to probe Flynn case

>>10804369, >>10804831, >>10804895 Planefags aloft

>>10804382 New Jimmy Dore on Clintons & Obamas (vid)

>>10804386, >>10804452, >>10804600, >>10804551, >>10804608, >>10804643, >>10804646 US Marines: Into the Heat

>>10804411 Biden said he was a student at Delaware State University; school says otherwise

>>10804428 Biden Says He Could Stay at Home During the Pandemic was because Black Women Stacked Grocery Shelves — WTH?

>>10804484 Out of town pool report on POTUS rally

>>10804499 New DJT: Together, we are taking back our Country

>>10804511 CHIZ: Someone please make an Ad with Joe Biden dressed up as Ron Burgandy reading dumb shit off a Teleprompter.

>>10804530 Doug Collins to Comey: "So many answers. PS: there aren't many trees where you're going."

>>10804538 New DJT: …now you have a President who is standing up for America

>>10804588, >>10804611, >>10804634, >>10804646, >>10804664 Did anyone establish a date and location for Q's latest image? ANONS DIG

>>10804592 NEW Evidence of FBI Misconduct Implicates JOE BIDEN in Flynn Prosecution (13min vid)

>>10804599 Syria minister calls Turkey main terrorism sponsor in region

>>10804618 DIGG on Session appointees and what they're prosecuting

>>10804701 Cases Previously Decided by Amy Coney Barrett

>>10804726 FLOTUS: Today we welcomed Judge Amy Coney Barrett & her family to the @WhiteHouse

>>10804736 Anon on recent Q's

>>10804803 Lindsey Graham announces dates for Judge Barrett's SC nom

>>10804813 Grassley: Judge Barrett is an inspiring American+highly respected jurist

>>10804855 Top Fed Pulled into Trump's Battle in 2017 (reminder)

>>10804859 #AnswerUsPedoTube is trending on Tw@tter!

>>10804867 Remarks by POTUS on confirmation hearing

>>10804915 #13828


>>10804035 WATCH: CNN’s Toobin Slams Feinstein’s ‘Incredibly Inept’ Questioning At Amy Coney Barrett’s Previous Confirmation Hearing

>>10804000 WATCH: CNN Forced To Drop Live Shot Covering Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS Nomination After Hecklers Chant ‘Fake News!’

>>10803865 Massive TRUMP Crowd Chants, “Lock Him Up!” After President Trump Says Barack Obama “Knew All About the Coup!”

>>10803862 Apple, Eric Schmidt, Trump EO, CF, Human Trafficking

>>10803827 Planefag Alert and Reports >>10803944

>>10803786 Two Judiciary Democrats say they will not meet with Trump's Supreme Court pick

>>10803810 , >>10803959 Appointed by Sessions: Richard Donoghue

>>10803664 Is Q rounding up the 5G Huawei mess? Re the fire at the Huawei R&D center in China

>>10803654 Mike Pence tweet congratulations ACB

>>10803595 Re DARPA, Q posts and the FB execs who have announced departure so far

>>10803552 Soros/Gates-Funded Org ($6.5M): World May Need ‘Climate Lockdown'

>>10803541 , >>10803558, >>10804066 Caps from POTUS Rally in Pennsylvania

>>10803671 Keks: Dems: 'Without Abortion, Women Might Have To Settle For Having 7 Kids And Sitting On The Highest Court In The Land'

>>10803610 Keks: Amy Coney Barrett Holds Press Conference In Handmaid's Tale Costume Just To Mess With Liberals

>>10803536 Keks: #metoo changes name to #hetoo ahead of Trump’s female SCOTUS pick

>>10803490 Anon links Q's posts to a past tweet from Comey

>>10803486 , >>10803509 6.2 magnitude earthquake hits South of Africa, USGS says

>>10803478 Feds Say Election Staff Opened Then Threw Away Military Ballots in Luzerne County, PA

>>10803478 , >>10803489 Chuck Grassley tweet re Amy Commey Barrett, anon connects to Q Post "Trust Grassley"

>>10804111 #13827


>>10803240 Scavino tweet and video from POTUS' Pennsylvania Rally: "Happening Now!"

>>10803220 Interdasting post

>>10803161 Diggz on Creative Artists Agency LLC or CAA, American talent and sports agency based in Los Angeles, California

>>10803155 Donald Trump Calls for ‘Respectful and Dignified’ Senate Confirmation Hearing for Amy Coney Barrett

>>10803143 40 Groups Demand Congress Probe 'Gross Misuse' of $1 Billion in Covid-19 Funding by Pentagon

>>10803104 , >>10803124 POTUS: Obama knew - Crowd chant: Lock him up

>>10803085 Gavin Newsom tweet: Everything is on the line

>>10803066 'Ghost Frog' not seen for 80 years rediscovered in Chile

>>10803020 BREAKING: Multiple Injuries After Car Plows Through Crowd of Trump Supporters in Yorba Linda, California

>>10802750 , >>10802753, >>10802787, >>10803042, >>10803127, >>10803191 Caps From POTUS' Rally in Pennsylvania

>>10802910 Video: 20202 - The Great Meme War Has Only Just Begun

>>10802854 Dig: What if there's another prosecutor (outside of DC) assigned by SESSIONS w/ the same mandate/authority?

>>10802814 MP4 of Amy Comey Barrett

>>10802747 List of prosecutors assigned by Acting AG Sessions

>>10803313 #13826


>>10802411 LIVE: POTUS Peaceful Protest in Middletown, PA 26 September 2020

>>10802578 Caps from POTUS Rally in Middletown, Pennsylvania

>>10802436 Video: POTUS spoke to the press as he departed for Pennsylvania

>>10802404 , >>10802423 Oh Shit, Biden really said this, “by the time I got to the senate 180 years ago"

>>10802549 MP4: Remember this, caught on camera at the Kavanaugh hearing?

>>10802362 Rebuke to Kamala's tweet about Comey Barrett

>>10802353 The news media’s Steele dossier scandal is even worse than you thought

Baker change

>>10801964 Trump Campaign Claims over 2.2M Volunteers: ‘Largest Grassroots Movement in Presidential History’

>>10801979 Sen. Blumenthal Tantrum re: Barrett

>>10802012 Grenell puts down Blumenthal

>>10801996 Virus Update Sept 8th: Science, Logic, Data (vid)

>>10802050 Trolls Target Barrett's Adopted Children from Haiti; >>10802145 DJT-Jr defends

>>10802055 @Scavino45 POTUS Trump departs for PA

>>10802118 Experts Predict Long, Deep Solar Minimum

>>10802135 Digital Camo thread archived at : Cover up memes & test camo, before posting on social media

>>10802139 Biden's handlers whine about Barrett nomination

>>10802201 Sec. Commerce Ross stmt on President Trump's EO Promoting American Seafood Competitiveness and Economic Growth

>>10802219 Large crowd outside SCOTUS screams "CNN is fake news!" as CNN analyst tries to report live (vid)

>>10802231 Secret Report: How CIA's Brennan Overruled Dissenting Analysts Who Concluded Russia Favored Hillary

>>10802254 Kamala Praises, Calls BLM Riots Essential (podcast)

>>10802263 POTUS Trump 1st public comments post Barrett Nomination

>>10802274 Venezuela Deploys Bitcoin Satellite Node

>>10802312 Schiff scared Barrett would strike down Obamacare and overturn Roe v. Wade

>>10802336 Dr. Robert Duncan on Neurotechnologies: Directed Sound, Voice Energy Weapons, Mind Hiving, Neural Influence Technologies (Aug 2020 - vid)

>>10802184 Planefags

>>10802762 #13825

#13824 baker change >>10801256 Report: Durham Investigating Andrew Weissmann / Main Justice Resistors Blocking FBI Subpoenas in 2016 re: Clinton Investigation >>10801270 Lebanese security forces killed 7 militants in heavy exchange of fire in NE Lebanon near Syrian border >>10801272 Two RINOs (Former Republican Congressmen) Endorse Biden >>10801279 List of States with No State Income Tax >>10801311, >>10800582 pb County of Sonoma (California) disputes ballot dumping report >>10801319 Pedo who fled US to Israel signs plea deal in rape of Israeli girl >>10801323 Evil Fuck Bill Maher Rips Barrett >>10801354 SCOTUS new term will hear important business cases—Carney v. Adams, Google v. Oracle "copyright case of the century" so be alert for big tech attacks on Barrett >>10801422 Biden tweets against Barrett nomination >>10801434 TX Dems Arrested for Election Fraid, Mail Ballot Vote Harvesting Scheme >>10801459 Chinese company sending asteroid-mining robot into space in Nov. >>10801501 Appeals Court rules House Dems CAN sue Trump over Pentagon border wall funding >>10801506 Fungus treatment can increase Artemisinin content (component of Madagascar COVID treatment) >>10801525 refutes Bernie Sanders mantra "Should Billionaires Exist?" >>10801538 Placer County reopens COVID lockdowns in defiance of California, see COVID Decreases >>10801548 @Scavino45 Confirm ACB (vid) >>10801557 Fake Polls show Biden lost 9 points in Virginia past month >>10801560 PDJT: Congratulations Judge Amy Coney Barrett! (mp4) >>10801561 Manufactured Pandemic: Testing People for ANY Strain of a Coronavirus, Not Specifically COVID-19 >>10801567 Out of Shadows (vid) >>10801582 Is Australia Ill-Equipped to Face Challenges of Emerging New World Order? >>10801616 Pocahontas, Kamala attack Barrett nomination >>10801621 More Queensland (Australia) needle-in-strawberry incidents >>10801651 New Japan PM Suga and Putin plan to hold telephone talks on Tuesday >>10801667 Yorba Linda, CA anarchy (vid): Trump supporters came to march and break up BLM protest >>10801701 WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows praises Barrett nomination >>10801715 Obama-Appointed Judge Blocks TX Voting Law (as Favor to Dems?) >>10801802 LIVE: Blue lives matter counter-protesters have BLM/Antifa backing down, Yorba Linda, CA >>10801811 FBI: Atlanta activist spent $200G in BLM donations on house, personal expenses >>10801353, >>10801396, >>10801565, >>10801639 Planefags >>10801833 #13824 #13823 ← was misnumbered 13824 & reported, next baker edited # >>10800416 POTUS SCOTUS Annoucement LIVE >>10800443, >>10800473 Senator Cotton joins Supreme Court Special on Fox News >>10800456, >>10800508 PF Reports >>10800497, Sen. Mike Lee: How the Supreme Court Was Politicized (ytube embed) >>10800664 Portland Police Confiscate Van Load of Shields, >>10800714 NJ State Legislature Passes Ban On Paper Bags, Foam Food-Containers, And Plastic Straws >>10800767 Pence Chief of Staff Marc Short: ‘Pray for’ Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Because She ‘Will Be Attacked Mercilessly’ >>10800784 Trump, Pence Pray With Thousands of Christians Gathered in D.C. for a Day of Repentance >>10800824 Hundreds of US companies join Tesla to challenge Trump’s trade war tariffs >>10800840 President Trump’s ‘1776 Commission’ on Patriotic Education Is an Overdue Effort >>10800843 Leftist Italian Govt Set to Dismantle Salvini Anti-Mass Migration Decrees >>10800859 “WHO offered me 20million dollars to put a little toxic in my Covid-19 remedy” – Madagascar President exposes WHO >>10800956 Thousands show up to rally against government in Jerusalem #13823 #13822 >>10800279 Mastercard, Visa warned to cut ties with payments to terrorists. Companies could be exposed to criminal and civil liability >>10800206, >>10800255 (live feeds) POTUS SCOTUS Nomination at 5pm ET today >>10800157 Heiko Schöning, German Doctor arrested in Hyde Park. Loaded in to the back of a police van. Just for speaking out! >>10800138 keks: Juanita Broaddrick w/CAP: I believe in herd immunity. The Democrats have made us immune to their bullshit. >>10799972 Colin Powell ally, Lawrence Wilkerson calls on House to begin ‘immediate’ impeachment hearings on Bill Barr >>10799867 Joe Biden's Claim of Having Attended Historically Black College Refuted by School >>10799807 POTUS in Middletown, PA tonight! >>10799770, >>10799842, >>10799870, >>10800135, >>10800258 planefag reporting >>10799752, >>10799763, >>10799819 MASSIVE Trump Train Parade Rolling into Huntingdon, PA #MAGA >>10800303 #13822 #13821 Baker Change >>10799450 Randy Quaid w/CAP: Got my new passport picture. Off to Uganda to work for the Red Cross, so I won’t be around. Probably ever again. >>10799396 6.2-Magnitude Earthquake Hits South of Africa, USGS Says >>10799382 Cali tightening the lockdown. sez 89% covid increase within next month. >>10799348 CDC and Fauci’s NIAID Add Non-Pneumonia Deaths to US COVID-19 Totals Unlike Other Countries! — If These Deaths are Removed US Has 86,000 COVID-19 Deaths >>10799298 multiple streams of Saturday action. >>10799274 'Permanent Coup' excerpt: How Biden pushed to quash investigation of company paying son $80k/month >>10799213 Confirmation hearing for Trump's Supreme Court pick to start Oct. 12 >>10799201 New White House w/CAP: President @realDonaldTrump will announce his nominee for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court tonight at 5 p.m. ET from the Rose Garden. >>10799187 Barrett Did Not Affirm the Illinois Lockdown Order >>10799137, >>10799288, >>10799289 Portland denies protest permit for the Proud Boys, citing coronavirus risk. March goes on anyway >>10799103 Philly Treasurer Indicted For Embezzlement & Using A "Sham Marriage" To Obtain US Citizenship >>10799087 Judge denies Democratic donor Ed Buck's request to be released from jail, calling him 'a danger to the community >>10799085 (Live) 2020 National Prayer March in D.C. >>10799079 German Minister Admits Lockdown Will Kill More Than COVID-19 Does >>10799052 (continued from lb) More on Pfizer sci officer re false second CV wave >>10798944, >>10799120, >>10799150, >>10799229, >>10799246, >>10799266, >>10799287, >>10799509 planefag reporting >>10798916 Trump Kneecaps Chip Giant SMIC Over 'Concerns' US Exports Being Shared With Chinese Military >>10798901 Voters in 4 Battleground States File Lawsuits Claiming Election Meddling Funded by Mark Zuckerberg >>10798873 (continued from lb) "We Do Not Consent" - 1000s Rally In London To Oppose Another COVID-19 Lockdown >>10799530 #13821

#13820 baker change

>>10798120 Coronavirus chaos in London as HUGE crowds gather to party after 10pm curfew; Icke arrested? ANONS DIGG

>>10798122 RON PAUL LIBERTY REPORT censored by YT for questionning WHO

>>10798154, >>10798205, >>10798307, >>10798349, >>10798387, >>10798636, >>10798655 planefags aloft

>>10798112 LIBS Meltdown!! mp4, for KEKS (sorta)

>>10798268 Christians don't wear masks: "But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord"

>>10798287, >>10798716 Portland Rapid Response Team now deputized as Federal Marshals. YES!!!!!

>>10798304, >>10798338 GLORY! Tens of Thousands of Christians Gather to Pray, Worship in DC

>>10798309 POTUS on National Day of Prayer and Return

>>10798356 Anon analysis of significance of events surrounding DJT re-tweet from 3 Jan 2017

>>10798385 Image of Bill Barr in front of Tower of London; comms??

>>10798392 Meghan Markle wanna run for pres???

>>10798403 LIVESTREAM of DC Prayer March

>>10798431 Security video of plane hitting Pentagon released, adds, S'bite from Judicial Watch (title accurate?)

>>10798450 Judge Amy Coney Barrett & fam left home dressed for a special occasion

>>10798496 Mollie Hemingway: The hatred and loathing from media figures toward conservative women is something, isn’t it.

>>10798507 POTUS Schedule for SATURDAY September 26, 2020

>>10798518 New York AG recommends police CEASE routine traffic stops to avoid confrontation

>>10798522 Supreme Court fight pushes Senate toward brink

>>10798529, >>10798627 Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says "Second Wave" Faked on False-Positive COVID Tests, "Pandemic is Over"

>>10798538 Another Biden gaffe from 2008: "slight Indian accent"

>>10798635 Louisville Man Who Fired Several Shots at a Line of Police Officers, Injuring Two Only Charged with Assault & Wanton Endangerment

>>10798645 Donald Trump Jr. For the Win: Hunter Biden is Partaking in Sexual Trafficking — “Like the Sick Bastard He Is”

>>10798653 Study says UK lockdown linked to thousands of excess deaths

>>10798669 Lebanon’s PM-designate resigns after failing to form govt

>>10797881, >>10798753 Real news? Ex-Fox journalist @adamhousley now independent

>>10798766 Trump's Supreme Court pick to start confirmation hearing on Oct. 12

>>10798795 #13820

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