Notables 13800-13809 [COMPLETE]



>>10790232 Australia has legislation with China about the 'Movement of Natural persons"

>>10790176 Planefag Reports

>>10790143 China-Australia Free Trade Agreement(ChAFTA) & Understanding ChAFTA

>>10790108 At Least 1,400 Virginia Voters Received Multiple Absentee Ballots, State Republican Officials Say

>>10790088 Democrat Insider: Anti-Trump Postal Workers in GOP Neighborhoods Throw Mail-In Ballots in the Garbage

>>10790081 Left-Wing Scholar Pushes to Censor SM Accounts Opposing Child Sex Trafficking by Tying Them to QAnon Movement

>>10790075 POTUS Announces Comprehensive ‘Platinum Plan’ for Black Americans

>>10790067 BEAM RIDER: These People Are Stupid - Beam Riding

>>10790058 21-year-old faces arson charge, accused of setting fire to Portland police union building

>>10790021 Employees threaten to strike if Spotify refuses to censor Joe Rogan

>>10790026 Zoom Video Communications sold by CEO: $69.26m-Sept 23-24

>>10789944 , >>10789944 Portland denies Proud Boys a permit citing corona; meanwhile, nightly leftist protests continue

>>10789930 Pinterest sold by co-founder & chief designer: $14.08m-Sept 22

>>10789925 , >>10789928 Anons on "Some will take the easy path and exit early"

>>10789678 The Daily Caller: 'Amy Activated' post and chanlike meme on twitter

>>10789535 Bongino: pic of Midnight Riders?

>>10789539 Kanye meets w/Haitian president & tennis star Naomi Osaka

>>10789570 , >>10789574 The meme-fication of US politics: two films reveal the faces behind the posts

>>10789595 Venezuela to Cooperate With Russia While Developing Domestic Weapons, Maduro Says

>>10789618 Driver Who Hit Protester Bragged in 2017 About Doing the Same Thing

>>10791758 #13809

#13808 >>10788781 31st MEU perception of weakness throws a wrench (kek) >>10788801, >>10789032 Justice Department: calls on SF mayor to end "one congregant" rules for places of worship >>10788807 When Biden calls a 'lid,' Democrats wet the bed (Politico) >>10788815 New DJT on Cuomo & vaccines >>10788852, >>10789026, >>10789345, >>10789365, >>10789372 Ben Collins hit piece on 8qun & qresearch (PLUS anon responses) >>10788866 Maxwell Mitchell @ Lousiville riots. Black Panther antagonist. >>10788872 Protesters file lawsuit, alleging Seattle, state didn't act to protect them >>10788881, >>10789158, >>10789163 planefags aloft >>10788895, >>10788944 #7 TAKE BACK THE HOUSE #VoteDemsOut Josh Gottheimer New Jersey 5th >>10788912 Esper twat & Military precision - Q drop 309 >>10788917 Sidney Powell on FOX bus NOW >>10788926 Florida opens at Level 3 (first state to do so? - ANONS DIG) >>10788937, >>10789368 NYT: President Trump has nommed Judge Amy Coney Barrett for SCOTUS >>10788802, >>10788969, >>10789061, >>10789255 Anon noms WWG1WGA pic from inside mil plane (no sauce) >>10788970 8kun Bread Launcher - new app for reading 8kun threads >>10788983 Comments on John Legend's UHaul Go Fund ME - Bongino, etc. >>10788989 Feinstein's Husband Caught Up In Latest University Admissions Scandal >>10789001 Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Campaign Event in Newport News, VA >>10789006 Kamala Harris Praises ‘Brilliance’ of Black Lives Matter and Its Marxist Founders >>10789027 Fake Soros check made out to ‘Conrad Ann Teefa’ mocked after it’s posted as ‘proof’ billionaire is paying BLM rioters >>10789043 Epstein victims compensation fund starts payouts to accusers >>10789036, >>10789084, >>10789228 Live streams of Louisville, Atlanta, Orlando >>10789087, >>10789137, >>10789140 WH on US-Africa Institute for Epidemic Preparedness >>10789113 A three year HOAX. A failed COUP! >>10789126 'Urgent Need for Ships to Start Sailing' from Florida, Federal Maritime Commission Says >>10789157 American Airlines Gets Upsized $5.5 Billion Loan From US Treasury, Averting 19,000 Furloughs >>10789176 Maryland’s Web-delivered ballots — more than 110k so far — must be hand-copied by poll workers to be counted >>10789193 Virginia Officials Try to Cancel President Trump’s Newport News Rally Tonight, Calling it a “Severe Public Health Threat” >>10789265 China Will "Definitely Start A Just War" If US Troops Return To Taiwan: State Media >>10789276 Japanese PM Says Ready to Meet Kim Jong-Un Without Preconditions >>10789294 Video Surfaces of Joe Biden Calling Our Troops 'Slow, Stupid Bastards' >>10789310 Florida Man Friday: Probably Ineligible, Florida Ex-Con Voted Democrat in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 >>10789313 Antifa activist: Burning buildings stimulates the economy >>10789326 Another peaceful protest with vandalism outside KOMO in Seattle >>10789387 Busted: County workers 'improperly opened' and discarded Trump ballots in PA >>10789422 Was the identity of Q just revealed? (MSM at it again….) >>10789435 Dutch reporter has been looking for Q 'adepts' for an article (highest ranking anons?) >>10789446 #13808


>>10788048, >>10788143, >>10788158, >>10788278, >>10788309, >>10788314 PF updates

>>10788585 Courtroom escape vid

>>10788511 Nakasone @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA I'm pleased to welcome @USArmy Command Sgt. Maj. Sheryl D. Lyon as the new @US_CYBERCOM and @NSAGov Senior Enlisted Leader.

>>10788439 Potus: BIG NEWS! The @Smithsonian American History Museum reopened today in our Nation’s Capital!

>>10788380 Texas no tolerance for rioting/One Riot - One Ranger.

>>10788365 Command Guidance Missiles

>>10788239 Flynn Family Statement

>>10788202 Rebranding?

>>10788191, >>10788459 PapaD: the high level Italian official who introduced me to Midsud is under indictment

>>10788187 22 died in Ukraine military plane crash

>>10788153 Pelosi: We arrows in our quiver vid

>>10788110 John Legend: Americans may have to think about leaving country if Trump reelected

>>10788669 #13807 #13806 >>10787486, >>10787638, >>10787719, >>10787778 planefaggin >>10787808 Solomon: Trump set to declare Antifa a terror group, making good on vow he made at start of recent riots >>10787751 Flynn's hearing is on the 29th >>10787652 ‘We Caught ’em Cold’ — Donald Trump Reacts to Major Steele Dossier Development >>10787621 Marker [2]. Set. Flynn Free on Sept 27, 2020. Done in 30. Future Will Prove The Past [again]. HA HA HA? >>10787601 At Pentagon, fears grow that Trump will pull military into election unrest/panic is real >>10787348, >>10787402, >>10787501 LOSBR Line Of Sight Beam Riding The standard method of firing against aircraft. The beam tracks the target and the missile rides up the beam. >>10787344 Dr. Atlas Breaks Down the REAL COVID-19 Numbers on The Ingraham Angle — Rebukes CDC Director Dr. Redfield on Scare Tactics >>10787265 How the Commonwealth Bank helped a Bitcoin fraud suspect accused of laundering billions >>10787891 #13806 #13805 >>10786588, >>10786634, >>10786660, >>10786775, >>10786811, >>10786839 planefaggin >>10787036 PM Scott Morrison urges countries to share vaccine knowledge at UN speech >>10786898 KREMLIN: Europe’s Refusal to Recognize Lukashenko Goes Against International Law >>10786859 The boss just mentioned BLM, correctly saying that it's hurting the black community/companies who donated to >>10786853 Fort Worth 'Barbie', others charged with federal child sex trafficking in North Texas >>10786848, >>10786856, >>10786856, >>10786868 Here's the WaPo opinion piece Comey wrote that Q just linked from his twatter. >>10786819 @Herridge: FBI Used Russian Spy to Interfere in 2016 Election! Steele’s Main Dossier Source Was Subject of FBI Investigation Under Suspicion of Being a Russian Spy and “Threat to National Security” >>10786818 VIDEO: Biden in 2016 Tells US Airmen “Clap! You Stupid Bastards” >>10786599, >>10786604, >>10786616, >>10786626, >>10786642 Trump from 1987: Beliefs, positions and world-view have not changed in 33 years! >>10786546, >>10786569 Statement by President of Russia Putin on a comprehensive program of measures for restoring the Russia – US cooperation in the filed of international information security >>10786499 @US_Stratcom The @USAirForce's #B52 Stratofortress has been the backbone of the bomber force for more than 65 years! >>10786478 Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced Friday morning that Oregon State Police, Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, and Portland Police Bureau will be working together as a unified force Saturday to protect people during the protests expected in Portland. Teargas on >>10786473, >>10786575 "Clap for that you stupid bastards" >>10787142 #13805

#13804 >>10785752, >>10785763, >>10785774, >>10785889, >>10785952, >>10786096, >>10786107, >>10786219, >>10786297 PF updates >>10786261 Very historic and powerful moment in the history of this country is currently taking place in Atlanta. >>10786215 @FBI @CISAgov urge public not to panic if they hear about election hacking @politico @ericgeller >>10786211, >>10786301 BREAKING: Military plane crashes during training flight in northeast Ukraine >>10786149 Grassley: Two pods fr two different fields #soybeanwatch >>10786140 Ron Paul twat with thumbs up! >>10786129 @usairforce The B-2 Spirit is a multi-role bomber capable of delivering both conventional and nuclear munitions. A dramatic leap forward in technology, the bomber represents a major milestone in the U.S. bomber modernization program. #ReadyAF >>10786100 stansfield turner fbi vault drop >>10786090 Xi has first call with Suga; no mention of Japan visit >>10786000 Gov. Ron DeSantis reopens Florida, allowing bars and restaurants to operate at full capacity >>10785973 The Expected Life of a sex slave >>10785917 The US military is quietly killing terrorist leaders in Syria with its secret missile packed with swords >>10785900 FINAL REPORT: ASSANGE HEARING DAY FOURTEEN—Baraitser Grants Defense 4 Weeks to Prepare for Final Argument, Citing US Election >>10785880 Air Force special operators in New Mexico have switched to the service's new handgun, and they like what they see >>10785850 The Army just conducted a massive test of its battlefield artificial intelligence in the desert >>10785766 Taliban Increasingly Uses Night Vision Equipment To Gain Upper Hand In Clashes >>10785750 Chinese National Denied US Entry, Likely Due to CCP Membership: Lawyer >>10785733 CBP Officers Seize Over 103 Pounds of Heroin, Fentanyl Pills at AZ-Mexico Border >>10785717 European Commission Appeals Ruling In Apple’s $15 Billion Irish Tax Case >>10785707 Jr.: Comey for prison 2021 >>10786367 #13804 #13803 >>10784952, >>10784990, >>10785120, >>10785449 planefaggin >>10785393 Donald Trump Gives Seniors $200 Medicare Cards While Joe Biden Does ‘Debate Prep’ >>10785364 Judicial Watch Opposes State/Justice Department Request to End Remaining Discovery in Clinton Email/Benghazi Lawsuit >>10785360 @RichardGrenell : Toughen up, Jasmin. >>10785208 Byrd, Killery, KKK >>10785167 "Source: #McCabe allegedly at the center of #Durham’s probe, as new info reveals dossier source was a suspected Russian agent >>10785050 Breaking on Faux News. Ron Paul is lucid, and comfirms he has been hospitalized as a precaution. >>10785043 Well…the other day the WH quietly dropped a similar EO, but rahter than seize property and assets for those who deal in human trafficking, this has to do seizing assets of those who have/are funding, aiding, training, consulting, etc. the Iranian regime. >>10785037 ICE El Paso transfers 59 Mexican nationals with drug convictions to Mexico as part of the US-Mexico treaty transfer >>10785007 Greece to Recruit 800 New Border Guards After Turks Push Migrants to Frontier >>10784979 President Trump Remarks in ATLANTA on Black Economic Empowerment: The Platinum Plan >>10784963 Judgment vs. judgement >>10784962 The Federal Reserve Cartel – Eight Families own the USA #BIS, IMF, World Bank – Dean Henderson #13803 #13802 >>10784238, >>10784242, >>10784599 PF updates >>10784678 France Demands Brussels Force Every EU Nation to Take Third World Migrants >>10784646 #7 TAKE BACK THE HOUSE #VoteDemsOut Josh Gottheimer New Jersey 5th >>10784638 BOMBER ALERT US Air Force B-52 bomber ‘sends distress signal’ after mid-air emergency over Gloucestershire >>10784565 LEADERS WITH MARFORCOM, SSP VISIT MCSFR FOR A JLTV DEMONSTRATION >>10784378 ESPN’s Mark Jones: Cops at Basketball Stadiums Should ‘Take the Day Off’ so My ‘Black Skin’ Won’t Make Them Shoot Me >>10784361 UK’s chief scientific adviser has £600,000 of shares in vaccine maker contracted by govt >>10784358 Durham just finishing up! >>10784325 "Get Trump": FBI Agent From Mueller Team Says Flynn Case Was Politically Motivated "Dead End" - Others Bought Misconduct Insurance >>10784318 Reflections on Judging: A Conversation with Amy Coney Barrett >>10784308 Israel restricts outgoing flights as Netanyahu govt bolsters 2nd coronavirus lockdown >>10784306 NEW POTUS: Just had a great #LatinosForTrump Roundtable in Doral, Florida… >>10784298 "Very Sorry": Kim Jong-Un Issues Ultra Rare Apology Over Killing Of South Official >>10784272 Scavino: Looks like it's about to storm! >>10784248 6:38 PM ET tomorrow will be 50 hours away from the “50 ft depth” Q post. Hmmm … >>10784247, >>10784310 Fire Breaks Out At Huawei's 5G Antenna Research Lab >>10784245 Duo allegedly planned terror attacks targeting Trump Tower, other sites: feds >>10784196, >>10784225 MOTION TO DISMISS FLYNN CASE JUST FILED. Guess Powell wants to give Sullivan another chance to stop these document leaks hahaha. >>10784171, >>10784209 RON PAUL APPEARS TO HAVE A STROKE ON CAM/Prayers Out >>10784153 Effort to recall Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom gains support from volunteers all across the state >>10784844 #13802 #13801 >>10783381, >>10783433, >>10783494, >>10783505, >>10783555 planefaggin >>10784035 Scavino on Wray >>10784032 DeSantis lifting major restrictions in push to boost economy. Covid19 related >>10784008 Is there a Patriot at Rasmussen Reports? >>10783962 Never forget - Flynn Tweet >>10783950 In regards to Durham and Clinton Foundation investigation..I'm told some questions being pursued are: Who gave the Foundation money and how much (foreign countries/otherwise)? Did the Foundation underreport the amounts? Where did the money go? Also James Comey's name comes up >>10783830, >>10783862 Seth Abramson needs some anon love! kek >>10783717 Embattled Connecticut Republican lawmaker apologizes over QAnon car sticker >>10783690 Decision on whether Julian Assange will be extradited to the States won't be made until after US election, judge says >>10783641 Bank of America issues $2 billion bond to promote racial equality >>10783619 NC Gov Candidate Dan Forest asks Feds to investigate consent order >>10783608, >>10783476 Crump/Lousiville >>10783604 Scavino: POTUS point and pumps to Anons at rally’s. >>10783596 Coup evidence is now legally introduced by virtue of their own boomerang. >>10783592 The FBI is seeking the public's assistance in identifying the individuals who participated in an arson on September 23 at the Louisville Hall of Justice >>10783586, >>10783680 Two Charged in Coronavirus Outbreak at Veterans’ Home That Left 76 Dead >>10783558 Nancy Pelosi warns Americans that Republicans are ‘Coming after your children!’ vid >>10783535 Jewish Senator Chuck Schumer is pro-abortion for Americans but anti-abortion for Israel… >>10783517 Multiple booms! In the last 36 hours, DOJ has:….. >>10783477 Adam Housley twat: Setting the stage >>10783435 Pelosi: ‘Why Bother’ Holding a Presidential Debate? — Trump ‘Isn’t Committed to Our Constitution’ >>10783404 POTUS live Latinos for Trump! >>10783392 Panic at the Disco. >>10783378 Potus: Thank you, I will never let you down! >>10783360 Goldman: Risk of Delayed US Election Result Overestimated >>10784059 #13801

#13800 wakes to cakes

>>10782665, >>10782714, >>10782773, >>10782883, >>10783185, >>10783208 planefag reporting


>>10783169 @USNavy We Sail Together We Train Together Flag of United States

>>10783143 follow resignations: NYT

>>10783142 @usairforce conducted fast rope insertion & extraction system training using a CV-22 w/Ukrainian Special Operations Forces & the @USArmy

>>10783130, >>10783147 LIVE POTUS event

>>10783103 DHS Proposes to Change Admission Period Structure for F, J and I Nonimmigrants

>>10783080 Potus: No journalist asked BHO to explain Trump campaign spying, Flynn was framed, Perhaps it's time to ask

>>10783062 Alright, which one of you bought NewsWeak?? Quite the turnaround for them? Getting ahead of something? "Trump was right" about FBI scramble to assemble Russia evidence"

>>10783058 F0X NEWS ALERT! RBG IS STILL DEAD! For the Keks!

>>10783033 @3rd_Infantry When someone is struggling, sometimes the hardest step to take is the first one- reaching out. Give that Dogface Soldier in your formation the tools. Take care of one another! #wereinthistogether

>>10783010 Hello Alice, Alice Kang’ethe, Chief Operating Officer, CF

>>10782993 Feinstein’s husband named in audit of preferred admission for connected students at Calif. schools | Just The News

>>10782978 John Durham Investigating FBI Handling Of Clinton Foundation Pay-To-Play Allegations

>>10782955 Happy Birthday, Bill (of Rights) !!!

>>10782953 Pompeo 'Outs' Chinese Consulate in NYC as Another 'Hotbed for Espionage'

>>10782851 CT State Rep Supports Q

>>10782942 FBI Investigated Steele Dossier Source As A Possible Russian Spy Years Before Trump Probe

>>10782920 15 arrested in Merced after sex-trafficking sting, police say

>>10782865, >>10782902 moar Flynn

>>10782834 Virginia governor and first lady test positive for coronavirus. The governor says he is asymptomatic.

>>10782774 Prominent D.C. Church Becomes First to Sue Over Mayor Muriel Bowser's Hypocritical Worship Restrictions

>>10782750 MOMENTUM TRUMP – SERIOUSLY THIS IS INSANE – Over 187,000 Supporters Attend Trump Rallies Since Labor Day to Joe Biden’s 84

>>10782681 Democrats prepare bill limiting U.S. Supreme Court justice terms to 18 years

>>10783282 #13800

//Board is under heavy attack//

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