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#13778 >>10766129, >>10766135, >>10766147 BTFO >>10765755, >>10765760, >>10765766, >>10765942, >>10765952, >>10765960 A sampling of Bail Project "Team Members" >>10765955, >>10765977, >>10765978 The 23rd time Trump has tweeted or retweeted "Law and Order" - NowComesTheP@IN–23 >>10765774, >>10765791 @LMPD tells me @ShelbyTalcott and @JorgeVentura05 will be charged with two misdemeanors related to breaking curfew & unlawful assembly >>10765476, >>10765486, How Saudi Arabia’s 33-Year-Old Crown Prince MBS Rose to Power: A Visual Explainer - 12/28/18 >>10765679, >>10765694 Wtf… Parked Uhaul packed with supplies and signs for the rioters. >>10765751 NEW PDJT >>10765519 BREAKING: FBI knew thru classified channels Kremlin had explosive kompromat on Hillary in '16dirt that wd have rocked her campaignyet Russia chose not to release it. >>10765609 US executes Army veteran for 2001 killing of nurse – 6th federal execution this year >>10765569 President Donald J Trump ultimate inspirational tribute >>10765647 Arson, attemted murder of peace officers, rioting. #Democrats are the party of hatred, destruction and terrorism. >>10765653 COVID World – Resist! >>10765706 Yeah, I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road >>10765710 St. Louis, Mo.: The police headquarters was set on fire by rioters. >>10765719 ‘Federal govt. ready to help’: Trump voices support for officers shot in Louisville, vows to send aid ‘immediately upon request’ >>10765820 Knowing what you know now about the smear against Q… >>10765737 Gestapo in Hawaii >>10765849 BREAKING: Israeli Government approves total #coronavirus #lockdown starting Friday. >>10765860 Is tie dye the uniform tonight? >>10765919 Going down in LA and Portland >>10765939 The crooked Clintons-someone was able to find them out and able to prove it >>10765944 Real GUNS >>10766003 Eviction possibly linked to double stabbing at luxury high-rise building in Seattle >>10766008 Two Portland protesters arrested as a result of the demonstrations on Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning are serial offenders, who were ultimately released for the fourth time >>10766052 Protestors have begun throwing fireworks at the East Precinct nearly striking officers in the process. The bulk of the protestors are in the intersection at 11/Pine St. >>10766104 Officers have deployed pepper spray after protestors cut security cameras at the East Precinct. Protestors have moved into Cal Anderson Park. Safe exit from the park is to the West and North. #13777 >>10764608, >>10764932, >>10765042, >>10765056, >>10765091, >>10765207, >>10765307, >>10765361 Shills are trying to convince anons to break the law by interfering with the US mail, Shills are stupid >>10764875, >>10764829, >>10765040, >>10765099, >>10765136, >>10765234, >>10765276 Linda Sarsour and the Louisville Connection, Mysonne “the General” Linen - Needs MOAR DIGS >>10764814, >>10764959, >>10765149 PF >>10765227, >>10765251 The Color Revolution Playbook (Video) >>10765059, >>10765180 REUTERS: Election software firm Tyler Technologies discloses unknown party hacked internal systems >>10764853 NEW PDJT >>10764715 Democrats worry ChinaStein can’t handle Supreme Court battle >>10764747 Sarsour spotted again >>10764950 Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted >>10764966 CBS promotes socialism >>10764976 Find out who’s funding this domestic terrorism and if they’re American citizens, arrest and charge them. If they’re not American citizens, have someone pay them a visit in the dark. >>10765025 “I am committed,” “This is war” protesters marching in DC streets right now. >>10765052 “I’m not a fan here’s (Megan Markel) and she probably knows it, but I wish Harry a lot of luck, because he’s going to need it” >>10765135 NEW Donald Trump Jr. >>10765151 Japan to reopen borders for all countries in Oct., but not tourists >>10765221 EXCLUSIVE: Democrat and Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour is Leading Rioters in Louisville Tonight Along with Members of Portland’s ‘Three Arrows’ Antifa Battalion >>10765226 ‘Hollywood Actors Are Pretty Stupid, They Only Dish Out Left-Wing Talking Points’ >>10765260 Back at the park, a big line of police are moving forward on a sort of scattered crowd >>10765273 Holly Zoller admits that she rented U-Haul Truck and passed out gear to rioters in Louisville, KY. >>10765279 Amy Coney Barrett Demolishes the Qualified Immunity Claim of a Detective Accused of Framing a Man for Murder >>10765356 BOTH Louisville cops are in STABLE CONDITION. >>10765412 #13777

#13776 >>10763953, >>10764027, >>10764124, >>10764219, >>10764244, >>10764462, >>10764419 MAOR L'ville >>10764024, >>10764058 International News >>10764075, >>10764025 Missouri governor and wife positive for covid! >>10764202, >>10764175 MakeWay Foundation AKA Tides Foundation has ties to Kamala Harris - Weather Underground - Susan Rosenburg - Soros >>10764233, >>10764367 Black Lives Matter Mob Terrorizes Diners in St. Petersburg, Florida – Threaten Drivers >>10763956 Police and National Guard are out protecting the hospital where the two officers who were shot are being treated. >>10763983 BLM-antifa rioters in Louisville attack officers putting out the fires on the Hall of Justice. Rioters throw projectiles at them. One officer is hit in the head and knocked to the ground >>10764014 Belgian Doctors, Health Pros Demand End To Lockdowns >>10764035 Where’s Hunter part 1 >>10764063 Committing terrorism on video >>10764101 If Nancy Pelosi tries to impeach President Trump for appointing a Supreme Court Justice — as the Constitution requires him to do — we will take steps to remove her as Speaker. - Kevin McCarthy >>10764121 BREAKING: Dallas, Texas City Council Votes To Cut Police Overtime Budget By $7 Million >>10764122 Pentagon Informs Congress It's Preparing To Have "Zero" US Troops In Afghanistan By Spring >>10764137 Sep 14-18 event. >>10764159 Two Louisville Police Officers Shot Amid Breonna Taylor Protests >>10764163 Colleges nationwide enforce strict COVID policies, except during Black Lives Matter protests >>10764168 Canadian Blackface Says Country Facing Second Wave of Coronavirus Epidemic >>10764174 About to talk with @IngrahamAngleabout what I have seen in Louisville tonight. >>10764229 POTUS Schedule for THURSDAY September 24, 2020 >>10764300 Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Funds Bail Project Linked to U-Haul Providing Supplies to Louisville Rioters >>10764303 Contact report for Planefags >>10764363 They actually posted this headline. >>10764394 [FB] Link to video recorded live of Louisville Police Department presser - officer-involving shootings >>10764467 BREAKING: South Korea confirms North Korea killed, cremated South Korean citizen; demands justice >>10764476 Need everyone's prayers. Just found out my son was one of the 2 officers shot in Louisville >>10764508 HNA Group >>10764533 If the significance of the color blue to Satanism is pornography, what could the heart symbolize? Comet Pizza flyer+ >>10764581 #13776 #13775 >>10763162, >>10763178, >>10763183, >>10763278, >>10763302, >>10763337, >>10763404, >>10763139, >>10763153, >>10763511, >>10763706, >>10763811, >>10763824, BLM protesters are shooting at the police. >>10763191, >>10763218, >>10763240, >>10763255 CHINESE FUND BACKED BY HUNTER BIDEN INVESTED IN MAJOR CHINESE SURVEILLANCE FIRM >>10763594, >>10763606, >>10763625 ATLAS shrugs off the press today >>10763355, >>10763436 CBC Chair Bass: I Worry White Supremacist Groups Will ‘Infiltrate’ Taylor Protests and ‘Incite Violence’ >>10763205 Officer down in Louisville. >>10763206 PF >>10763241 Governor Newsom to Announce Major Climate Initiative: September 23, 2020 >>10763282 Pantifa has set up and arrest support hotline. You know what to do. >>10763319 Corporate media admits that TV is propaganda. >>10763361 DNC Propaganda Times: ‘Republican Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Biden’ >>10763569 Trump Calls FDA Plan to Tighten Guidelines for COVID-19 Vaccine Approval 'Political Move' >>10763720 POLICE WITH LETHAL… BLM BEGGING THEM TO BE SHOT. “Go ahead, shoot it. Shoot it b*tch.” >>10763749 Two Louisville Police Officers Shot Amid Breonna Taylor Protests >>10763750 Sidney Powell I don’t think she’s from Kentucky, and if she’s not, I strongly believe that the @FBI and @TheJusticeDept should be looking at exactly what she was doing there >>10763575 Is that fuckingLinda Sarsourguiding protesters at Louisville? >>10763779 Two Louisville Police Officers Shot Amid Breonna Taylor Protests >>10763804 Seabees assigned to U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion @NMCB3 fabricate formwork for the construction of a Ground/Air Task-Oriented Radar #GATOR system housing project on board Camp Hansen in Okinawa. >>10763829 #13775 #13774 >>10763008 More on Benjamin Crump, Breanna Taylor's lawyer - The Freemason Lawyer >>10762960 , >>10762978 Baker got it wrong lb, the Sarah Sanders Joe 33050 tweet wasn't made by Sarah Sanders >>10762937 Anon re Q Post: You guys need to open the PDF with the latest data >>10762932 , >>10762956 Diggz on Brent Scowcroft, international security adviser connected to GW Bush and China >>10762904 Leftists Vandalize Minnesota Trump Supporter’s Garage Then Torch His Vehicles and Camper >>10762837 Past Q Post: Securing the SENATE meant EVERYTHING. Securing the SC meant EVERYTHING. >>10762853 , >>10762865 Healthcare Workers COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Scenarios >>10762482 , >>10762716 Antifa Uhaul linked to Soros organization members & Streamable link of Holly Zoller's phonecall >>10762817 Senate Probe of Biden-Burisma Corruption Disproved Claims Nobody Made - Analyst >>10762814 Lin Wood (Rittenhouse & Nick Sandman attorney) is a Q fan >>10762526 , >>10762693, >>10762811 Q Post caps and full article >>10762784 International Mayors still using the Paris Agreement to usher in climate change policies >>10762752 , >>10762933 Planefag Updates >>10762725 HRC & Truman National Security Project: A Shopping List Of Names >>10762633 Why Republicans Are Suddenly Thanking Harry Reid for a 2013 Tweet About Filibuster Reform >>10762380 Scavino tweet and video: & USA Flag video >>10762375 , >>10762416, >>10762446 Leaked docs expose massive Syria propaganda op by Western govt contractors & media >>10762355 , >>10762365, >>10762927 Tweets & Video: Louiseville justice building just set on fire by rioters >>10762361 DHS tweet: "Incomplete and missleading report" from Reuters re White Supremecist threat >>10763074 #13774

#13773 Baker change

>>10762177 Baltimore Prosecutor (of Freddie Gray & Baltimore Riots fame) Goes to Great Lengths to Keep Public Records Private

>>10762173 Will Aliens be the 'Ultimate October surprise?' Sara Carter Show

>>10762109 Why is U.W.'s IHME still a credible source of Covid projections? Anon's Diggz

>>10762085 , >>10762103, >>10762118, >>10762139 Sarah Sanders goes full autist, dividing 2020 x 666 to get the 'text Biden' number

>>10762077 Correspondence Between Trump, Nixon Revealed For First Time Since '80s

>>10762027 Jerry Nadler Loses His Balance, Awkwardly Shuffles Away as Pelosi Gives Presser

>>10762002 Trump just said Prince Harry has no balls

>>10761985 Article: Military Generals Are Just Another Group of Self-Interested Technocrats

>>10761895 Senate Race Updates

>>10761876 Former Union President Sentenced for Violent Extortion

>>10761872 Firefighter found deceased in Oregon's Archie Creek fire

>>10761847 Anon reports Senator Rand Paul re HUNTER BIDEN on Martha Fox. CRIMINAL REFERRAL TO DOJ TOMORROW!!!

>>10761840 Westpac pays up more than a billion for Austrac scandal

>>10761941 More on Holly Zoller re Antifa supplies and Uhaul, see notes below

>>10761839 MP4: Uhaul Driver at KY protests caught! Re Antifa supplies see note below

>>10761680 Holly Zoller - The Louisville Uhaul operator for Antifa shields. Here's her rental contract

>>10761698 Screen grabs of Slides from POTUS Presser

>>10761637 , >>10761687, >>10761753, >>10761855, >>10762143 Diggz on Breanna Taylor's lawyer Benjamin Crump

>>10761625 Armed Militia Group Is Now Marching in Downtown Louisville

>>10761618 POTUS phone call sign language?

>>10761612 DoJ tweet: AG Barr joined @POTUS for a discussion on protecting the American people against abuses by online platforms

>>10761598 More: Florida Attorney General Orders Investigation into Mike Bloomberg



relief baker

>>10760836, >>10760986 Trump to Sign Born-Alive Executive Order Protecting Babies who Survive Abortion

>>10760841 Eleven UK police officers injured by 'corrosive substance' during London drugs raid

>>10760846 Biden Campaign to Appear Alongside [Longtime Commie] Hanoi Jane [Fonda]

>>10760848 New Mexico TV series to examine real-life witch's coven and abuse

>>10760854 NY Judge Orders Eric Trump to Testify in Fraud Probe re: Family Organization Before Election

>>10760861, >>10760867, >>10760993 LIVE: Trump news conference

>>10761348 POTUS Left Press Conference for Phonecall

>>10760878 Pompeo: China Peddling Communist Propaganda in US State and Local Governments

>>10760855, >>10760888. >>10760889 Holly Zoller Admits Live on Phone to Distributing Shields and Weapons to Louisville ANTIFA

>>10761189 U-Haul Seen Distributing Shields, Potential Weapons to Louisville Rioters Rented to Holly Zoller of Soros-Connected Louisville Bail Project

>>10760903 Senate Report Links Hunter Biden to Human Trafficking Ring

>>10760999 Buying votes, 2 years per offense - 18 USC §597

>>10761045 All States with Unemployment >10% All Run by Dems (except MA)

>>10761135 Herridge re: Bolton book lawsuit

>>10761085, >>10761145 Ringer at ABC Trump Townhall was actually a Kamala campaign worker

>>10761234 Fake Townhall: At least 2 'uncommitted' voters blasted POTUS on social media

>>10761090 Dems Panic as BLM Riots Backfire; New Data Shows Black Votes Bring Trump Victory

>>10761146 Ginormous V-shaped US Recovery

>>10761182 Milwaukee COVID-19 death counts rebutted with data

>>10761201 Gen. Flynn tweets + parls

>>10761210 Candace Owens tweet re: Breonna Taylor's career-criminal-drug-dealer boyfriend who fired at police first

>>10761217 Election fraud! Greenville, WI police found 3 mail trays, including absentee ballots, in ditch

>>10761133 Investigators rule Lee County (Mississippi) bridge fire arson

>>10761230 POTUS on Meghan Markle: I wish a lot of luck to Harry, because he's going to need it

>>10761255 CodeMonkey opinion: New Communications Decency Act Sec. 230 revision proposed by DOJ will kill online free speech

>>10761274 NJ Dem Rep Tom Malinowski under fire for lobbying against sex offender registry

>>10761290 New Kyle Rittenhouse vid ‘shows BLM protester fire FIRST’, claims suspect’s lawyer

>>10761331 Dig: Who’s Funding The Bail Project?

>>10761400 Illinois Facebook Users Can Now File Claims for Payouts in $650 Million Lawsuit Settlement

>>10761205 Louisville choppers

>>10760949, >>10760956, >>10760960, >>10761009, >>10761057 Planefags

>>10761485 #13772


>>10760437 PF updates

>>10760540 Did you guys know that Paul Sperry wrote a book called:“Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington”

>>10760482 1st day of harvest on the Grassley farm #cornwatch I’ll report regularly on how harvest goes

>>10760448 Just when you think Commifornia can't get anymore shithole, they go out and TOTALLY UP THEIR GAME!

>>10760445 U.S. Junk Bonds Set $329.8 Billion Sales Record Amid Yield Hunt

>>10760405 Potus cap/vid

>>10760391 New Data Shows States with Unemployment Over 10% Are ALL RUN BY DEMOCRATS Except One

>>10760362 The consulting firm where the wife of acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf is an executive has been awarded more than $6 million in contracts from the DHS.

>>10760334 CrowdStrike to acquire Preempt Security for $96 million

>>10760317 Predicted Mass Infections From Reopening Schools Fails to Materialize

>>10760297 PPD, Inc sold by Hellman & Friedman LLC: $772.74m-Sept 21

>>10760278 ChiFiDi 1997 Feinstein, Husband Hold Strong China Connections

>>10760271 Solomon not censored per Solomon

>>10760269 @realDonaldTrump discussion with state Attorneys General focused on legal steps to "protect an open Internet and a free society."

>>10760252 The Bee: Republicans Nervous Roe V. Wade Could Be Overturned, Eliminating Any Reason To Vote For Them

>>10760213 Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., introduced a bill Wednesday that would ban the use of camouflage uniforms by federal law enforcement

>>10760181 [HRC] & TRUMAN NATIONAL SECURITY PROJECT A Shopping List Of Names

>>10760171 Danske Bank Facing US$1 Billion Money Laundering Suit

>>10760153 Mexican Border City Cops Removed from Duty After Allowing Cartel Protests

>>10760139 Whitmer on Wednesday signed an executive directive setting a goal for the midwestern state to become carbon neutral by 2050, the ninth U.S. state to take on this target.

>>10760075 Hi, I'd like a non-retarded head of Homeland Sec. please.

>>10760061 Trump Says Supreme Court Will Decide The Election, Needs A Ninth Justice

>>10760050 Why is this what they are focused on right now?

>>10760076, >>10760109, >>10760168, >>10760164, >>10760209, >>10760222, >>10760310, >>10760332, >>10760530, >>10760546, >>10760575, >>10760623, >>10760652 Louisville riots

>>10760035 Pinch to retire as Chairman of NYT BOD

>>10760701 #13771


>>10759657, >>10759711, >>10759770 planefaggin

>>10759867 Dozens of Mafiosi Arrested in Massive Operations

>>10759830 The Louisville Metro Police Department Is Livestreaming Their Own Response To Protests

>>10759816 Tesla's Shares Plunge by Over 8% as Company Sues US Government Over Levies on Chinese Imports

>>10759786 Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds a News Conference - 9/23/20

>>10759661, >>10759766 Man behind Uhaul in Portland ID'd

>>10759647 Police in 10 Countries Takes Down Cocaine Trafficking Gang

>>10759635 Trust Grassley

>>10759523 1 week from tomorrow is the anniversary of the Las Vegas Massacre at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.

>>10759501, >>10759516, >>10759807, >>10759841 Dopey Recap

>>10759463 Bio-Surveillance: Singapore Issues New Bluetooth Tracking Tags for Citizens

>>10759437 John Basham 🇺🇲 Retweeted 😐Did Naddless just Shart himself ?😂🤦‍♂️

>>10759428 China blames US for ‘obstructing’ global fight against emissions, vows to go carbon neutral by 2060

>>10759419 Belarusian police deploy water cannon after protesters take to Minsk streets following Lukashenko’s surprise inauguration

>>10759396 Youtube clip of SCOTUS ceremony for RBG followed by comments from President Trump about the SCOTUS pick and the Breonna Taylor case.

>>10759363 ‘No One Cross in Front of the Black Women’ Louisville Breonna Taylor ‘Protesters’ Segregate By Race and Gender

>>10759355 Secretary Pompeo delivers remarks in the Senate Chamber of the Wisconsin State Capitol

>>10759354 Biden losin it vid

>>10759308, >>10759336, >>10759415, >>10759477, >>10759479, >>10759485, >>10759736 Hunter Refresher

>>10759299 ‘How Dare You!’: Donny Deutsch Lectures Jewish Trump Supporters, Says There’s ‘No Difference’ From What Hitler Preached

>>10759293, >>10759455 GO BACK 10 Minutes, protestors in Louisville are being directed another way by riot cops

>>10759275 UBS CEO Joins JPMorgan In Push For 'A Return To The Office' For Staff

>>10759253 US Slaps Sanctions on 8 People and 7 Organisations With Links to Russia and Finland

>>10759250 What the hell is wrong with "Waddles" Nadler?????

>>10759237 Kevin McCarthy Vows to Remove Pelosi As Speaker if Impeachment over SCOTUS Seat Proceeds

>>10759961 #13770

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