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Notables 13760-13769 [Complete]

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

>>10758368 Assange Hearing Day 12—Lewis Challenges Diagnosis of Assange’s Autism as Suicide Risk

>>10758373 Louisville, KY (vid)

>>10758548 Breonna Taylor protests – live streams

>>10758411 International Support Group Urges Lebanon's Leaders to Immediately Form New Government

>>10758436 Daily Attacks On U.S.-led Coalition Convoys Continue In Iraq’s Saladin

>>10758443 Twitter Admits To Stonewall Tactics (circuit-breaker to stop rumors going viral?)

>>10758466 Polish president joins 5,000 pro-lifers to March for Life in Warsaw

>>10758541 COVID is a data-driven operation, but suppose the data are wrong?

>>10758552 Heroic CDC Insider William Crews Ripped Anthony Fauci and the CDC

>>10758583 Sextortionist Sentenced 40 Years Over Child Porn After Threatening To Post Nudes and Dox ~150 Underage Girls

>>10758654 ICE publishes monthly report on enforcement actions due to cooperative agreements

>>10758708 Ukraine: US military aircraft fly over Kiev in joint drills

>>-- #13769

>>10758064 3-Count Felon, JPMorgan Chase, Caught Laundering More Dirty Money

>>10758039 Solomon twat with link to article

>>10758038 Friday, 06 July 2018 Police Arrest ‘Thieves-in-Law’ in Historic Spanish Bust

>>10758034 23 american flags @PAIN!

>>10758027 Study: The Average American is Filmed by At Least an Estimated 238 Security Cameras a Week

>>10757971 FBI Offers Reward For ‘GirlsDoPorn’ Founder Who Fled After Trafficking, Child Porn Charges, up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of Michael James Pratt.

>>10757949 HTS, White Helmets & Turkish Intelligence To Prepare Chemical Provocation: Damascus

>>10757938 CA Gov. Newsom Announces Ban On All Gas-Powered Cars By 2035

>>10757931 NYT: Senate Republicans into corruption allegations against Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic presidential nominee, and his son, Hunter,

>>10757928 TRUST GRASSLEY.

>>10757927, >>10757991 Twitter restricts John Solomon…

>>10757909 TikTok, ByteDance Voluntarily Dismiss Lawsuit Against Trump, Court Document Reads

>>10757896 Trump Bans Gov. From Doing Business With Those Who Promote Critical Race Theory, White Privilege

>>10757860 Refresher: Treasury Targets the “Thieves-in-Law” Eurasian Transnational Criminal Organization

>>10757816 House Passes Bill to Crack Down on Imports from China’s Forced Labor Camps

>>10757801 Justice Department Wants Internet Firms To Better Monitor, Manage Illicit Content, Or Lose Immunity

>>10757792 The Obama Administration dodging questions on Burisma and Biden in 2014. vid

>>10757783 Barr Tells Nadler To Go Pound Sand As DOJ Rebuffs Jerry Over Disgraceful Treatment of AG

>>10757769 Brexit News: JPMorgan Shifting London Assets To Frankfurt, British Expats Losing UK Bank Accounts

>>10757761 'Your Civil Rights Mean Nothing But The Criminal Has Total Autonomy': Read LMPD Sgt. Jon Mattingly's Viral Email to Police

>>10757749 New Flynn

>>10757724 LeBron James has 'zero comment' on L.A. sheriff's challenge to double reward in deputies shooting

>>10757692 The Election Integrity Crisis

>>10757658 Scumbag Special Prosecutor Who Brought Charges Against Omaha Bar Owner Who Killed Rioter, Then Committed Suicide, Presser— Blames Him for Being a Trump Supporter

>>10757645, >>10757662, >>10757675, >>10757681, >>10757968 Antifa unloading weapons and shields from Uhaul truck in Louisville


>>10757639, >>10757666, >>10757871 JUSTICE DENIED….AGAIN

>>10757629 Democrats go full-on Antichrist as they attack potential Justice for her religion vid

>>10757615 Trump implements new travel restrictions to Cuba, bans purchase of rum and tobacco

>>10757596 ‘Wired to make money’: Barclays’ private bankers serve ultra-rich, as watchdogs sound alarms

>>10757567 “China Owns Joe Biden… Burisma Stinks Like Hell” – Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani

#13767 >>10757280 planefags >>10757361 US slaps sanctions on six individuals, two companies from Russia >>10757312 XI JINPING SAYS CHINA NOT INTERESTED IN COLD WAR FIGHT WITH U.S. OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER >>10757302 Fauci scolds Rand Paul during tense exchange at hearing >>10757293 US ambassador: It will take 6-7 years for UAE to get F-35 jets >>10757273 Posting reactions to Brianna Taylor… from Hashtag >>10757208 Cindy McCain endorses Biden. >>10757084 Administration Sued for Records Detailing U.S. Role on Behalf of Glyphosate-maker Bayer in Pressuring Thailand to Reverse Plan to Ban Pesticide >>10757046 YouTube Sued By PTSD-Stricken Moderator Over 'Beheadings, Rape, Child Abuse And Other Disturbing Content' >>10756980 Q cap >>10756860 'Born Alive Protection Act' vs 'Crimes Against Children' >>10756836, >>10756789, >>10756841, >>10756877, >>10756896, >>10756937 The Justice Department Unveils Proposed Section 230 Legislation on Behalf of the >>10757518 #13767 #13766 >>10756458 PF updates >>10756625 OneWater Marine Inc. sold by Goldman Sachs Grp: $19.25m-Sept 22 >>10756482 Seattle City Council Overrides Mayor’s Veto To Defund Police; Up To 100 Officers To Be Cut >>10756475, >>10756481 One officer charged in Breonna Taylor case >>10756459 Gayle Sayers, Hall of Fame Running Back, dies at 77, The golden years of the NFL. >>10756431 Hunter Biden Raised 'Counterintelligence And Extortion' Concerns, May Have Participated In Sex Trafficking >>10756403 @USMC Launch Time >>10756410 Frmr Judge Nolan sentence to 20 years for human trafficking >>10756402 Ok…so on9/11we activated 2 intelligence squadrons? In Space Force? Alot more going on here than we think… >>10756357 BREAKING: US Mail Found in Ditch in Rural Wisconsin — Included Absentee Ballots >>10756355 "Fully Free Hemisphere"…… >>10756347 Skippy weighs in >>10756345 HOW did pedo Joe REALLY make $15,000,000 in 2 years? >>10756338 I’ve been asked the question “who is John Basham”? Here’s the answer >>10756311 A Utah company is giving up its suite at Jazz games, citing the players' decision to kneel during the national anthem. >>10756292 BREAKING: Kentucky National Guard activated one hour before Breonna Taylor announcement >>10756286 Dr oz cut off fox after saying flu vaccine causes Covid 19 >>10756251, >>10756283, >>10756430 The real Russian collusion, >>10756248 Lisa Murkowski Reverses Position on Filling SCOTUS Vacancy, Won't Rule Out Vote to Confirm >>10756181 Whats this shit #ByeKayleigh is trending. They are scared, she is an angel of light destroying them!! >>10756168 #5 TAKE BACK THE HOUSE #VoteDemsOut Charlie Crist Florida 13th >>10756156, >>10756254 Melissa Francis just included George Soros with Steyer, Bloomberg as using wealth to influence election. Didn't she cut-off Newt for that the other day? >>10756141 Wow! Drudge has a link to ABC's story about Q! >>10756096 ICYMI: AOC with ChiCom NYPD spy n fam >>10756093 Marines’ New Amphibious Combat Vehicles Will Start Arriving at Units Ahead of Schedule >>10756085 Presidential Library Construction Completed dates >>10756084 Ruth Bader Ginsburg's army of clerks stand guard at the Supreme Court >>10756081 The "community organizers" of the left are in full wildebeest mode. Now is not the time for bending down, rolling over, or playing nice >>10756046 Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan says it would be a mistake to push through a Supreme Court pick before the election >>10756026 @realDonaldTrump announced at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast that will be signing an executive order protecting babies born alive after a failed abortion. God bless our great President. >>10756013 Democrats caved to Republican pressure & put back CCC money in bill to prevent govt shutdown to help our farmers This political game proved who will always stand up for rural america Pres Trump + ….. >>10756007 House lawmakers unanimously pass bill that would allow Alwyn Cashe to finally receive the Medal of Honor >>10756713 #13766 #13765 >>10755424, >>10755615, >>10755733, >>10755828 PF updates >>10755843 HOW QANON CONSPIRACY THEORIES SPREAD IN MY COLORADO HOMETOWN >>10755838 Diversity is about saving Marines' lives, not political correctness, commandant says >>10755822 WTF isn't Kameltoe taking any questions? >>10755786 NYC City expands furloughs to over 9,000 workers, Muh Road to Serfdom >>10755784 Former Solon schools band director arrested for alleged sex crimes involving 12-year-old >>10755777 Editorial: QAnon enters Illinois politics. Voters in two U.S. House districts, take note >>10755769 Spain has temporarily banned sailboats from a stretch of its northwestern coast after several vessels were damaged in attacks by #orcas, or #killerwhales, in recent weeks >>10755756 Fifteen sex offenders in NI to have convictions rescinded due to accidental error in law >>10755749 Schumer on Grassley/Johnson: Despite their desire to smear Vice President Biden & their family, Republicans found no evidence to support the conspiracy theory pushed by Putin's intelligence agents. Sens Grassley & Johnson should reimburse taxpayers for the money they wasted. >>10755698 Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns >>10755676 RBG gots the wrinkled flag treatment >>10755637 Former QAnon Followers Explain What Drew Them In — And Got Them Out >>10755595, >>10755606, >>10755667 The Justice Department Unveils Proposed Section 230 Legislation on Behalf of the Administration >>10755585 #3 for the Docket Supreme >>10755575 Czech it! Obama and Post American World >>10755522 High school students awarded college scholarships for carrying flags onto football field on 9/11 >>10755506 Democrats' troubling adventure in a 'Wonderland' without 'rule of law' >>10755501 BREAKING: Tesla suffering COMPLETE network outage — internal systems and connectivity features down. $TSLA >>10755493 There is no age of consent in Cuba. The crime of "pedophilia" is non-existent there? >>10755488, >>10755730 Trump announces new sanctions on Cuba >>10755478 US blacklist filled with companies working for China military >>10755459 Media Matters is attacking Catherine Herridge/send em some love >>10755438 Records Show John Kerry Lied About Ignorance Of Hunter Biden’s Lucrative Position In Ukraine >>10755409, >>10755418 Hunter Biden’s Firm Received $3.5 Million from One of Russia’s Most ‘Powerful’ Oligarchs >>10755390 POTUS just said at the 11am White House Hispanic Heritage Remarks: We will never be a socialist OR COMMUNIST country >>10755384, >>10755470 Two Senate Dems released a report on Wednesday to counter the findings released by their Republican counterparts from an investigation into Joe Biden…… >>10755366 1986 Cuba Releases Last Prisoner From Bay of Pigs Invasion >>10755365 Refresher: 'FBI Director James Comey FULL STATEMENT on Hillary Clinton Email Investigation (C-SPAN)' >>10755347 Here is the report that Grassley released attached as a PDF >>10755315 Barack Obama’s Presidential Library Hits a Major Roadblock >>10755294, >>10755447, >>10755371, >>10755492 Critical Race Theory on campus DIGG, con't. U Illinois admits ‘white supremacy,' 'white privilege' workshop is 'not a debate' >>10755272 🔴 President Trump Delivers Remarks to Honor Bay of Pigs Veterans >>10755252 PAGING AG BARR, VOTER INTERFERENCE? >>10755249 Senate Committee: Hunter Biden Paid Women Linked to ‘Prostitution or Human Trafficking’ >>10755240 President Trump Delivers Remarks to Honor Bay of Pigs Veterans vid >>10755238, >>10755256 It’s more than we think (the public-not anons), much more. We still are in danger >>10755237 Secret Empires: Senate Report Says Biden Allowed Family to Enrich Themselves Abroad While He Was VP >>10755236 Louisville - Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Announcement - 1:30 EDT >>10755232 Ted Cruz blocks a U.S. Senate resolution to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg, citing a “partisan” amendment >>10755920 #13765

#13764 Baker Change (GhostBaker) >>10754457 Social Operation: #5 TAKE BACK THE HOUSE #VoteDemsOut Charlie Crist Florida 13th >>10754475 PANIC IN THE HOUSE (Live Feed) >>10754480 Example Notable submission >>10754497, >>10754587, >>10754610, >>10754613, >>10754665, >>10754587, >>10754814, >>10754867 Capponi GLOBAL EMPOWERMENT MISSION DIG >>10754512 Senate report on Hunter Biden >>10754528, >>10754620, >>10754654 WarezHunter Recvd Millions from wife of Ex-Moscow Mayor >>10754534 Assange Dragged from Embassy “on the Orders of the President” >>10754544 US Naval Ins. Tora! Tora! Tora! >>10754566 WarezHunter Business Dealings 'Counterintelligence and Extortion Concerns' >>10754567 ARGGG M8TY USS KIDD flying Pirate Flag ("The black flag will fly above the dome") >>10754575 Event List >>10754601 fbi-seeks-public-assistance-in-locating-sex-trafficking-suspect >>10754629 John Roberts presiding over the carcass of RBG >>10754633, >>10754771, >>10754851, >>10754997 Planefag Reports >>10754671 Pelosi, Dems to discuss 'major reforms package' - Call for Video Edit Fag >>10754681 More dog/kid comms? >>10754701 Senate HELP with Coronavirus Task Force Agency Heads >>10754717 Romney slams Burisma, Hunter Biden probe as 'political exercise >>10754735 senate-finance-homeland-committees-release-report-hunter-biden-burisma-corruption-devastating (BOOM) >>10753434, >>10754731, >>10754871 Michigan city decriminalizes magic mushrooms >>10754770 report-order-to-shorten-count-wasnt-made-by-census-bureau >>10754777 It's Alive! 25-Ton Gundam Robot Moves for First Time in Yokohama (Chqt) >>10754788 mitt-romney-and-nancy-pelosi-have-ties-to-ukraine >>10754795 cop-accused-of-spying-raised-suspicions-at-party-with-aoc >>10754805 nancy-pelosi-makes-unannounced-visit-to-tibet/ >>10754806, >>10755050 New Hussein twat - PANIC? >>10754844 Americans-talking-politics-having-sex-men-doing-housework >>10754870 Recent increase of COVID-19 cases connected to Redding care facility >>10754889 Senate report slams Bidens for conflicts of interest, flags possible criminal activity >>10754911, >>10754925, >>10754932 Happening News (Grafix) >>10754912 joe-biden-2008-john-mccain-an-angry-man-a-sidekick-a-coward >>10754886 Confirmation Hearing for Homeland Security Secretary Nominee Chad Wolf (LIVE!) >>10754928 10 most extreme 'Critical Race Theory' classes & trainings at US colleges >>10754941, >>10754952, >>10755015 Q Anon In the News >>10754947 POTUS soon Bay of Pigs (Live!) >>10754960 The Ginsburg Record and Standard >>10754970 10 most extreme 'Critical Race Theory' classes & trainings at US colleges (Call For Dig) >>10754495, >>10754710, >>10754994 Grassley/Johnson 'Biden paid non resident women who were nationalist… >>10754988, >>10755162 Clock Fag Report >>10755023 'Hunter Biden' Currently #3 on twatter. >>10755072 Secretary Pompeo delivers remarks in the Senate Chamber of the Wisconsin State Capitol - 12:00 PM >>10755096 Live: House Republicans speak to press >>10755113 RBG pulled from every station >>10754970, >>10755013, >>10755060, >>10755092 10 most extreme 'Critical Race Theory' classes & trainings at US colleges (Call For Dig) >>10755165 RIOTS INCOMING? >>10755182 #13764 #13763 >>10753858 New DJT: Never a fan of John. Cindy can have Sleepy Joe! >>10754030 New DJT: Big news. Numerous great companies are seeing fantastic results. >>10753666, >>10753725 Eiffel Tower evacuated over Bomb threat >>10753672 Virginia Dept of Health sends mail to VA families that ask kids to contact ASHA regarding questions about sex. >>10753736, >>10753744 Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko is suddenly sworn in for a new term in unannounced inauguration >>10753746 Tommy DeVito: Four Seasons founding member dies of Covid aged 92 >>10753748, >>10753774, >>10753793, >>10754171 Tawain vs China potential conflict chatter >>10753749 Employee of a Florida Corporation attempts influencing Bolingbrook, DuPage Township Election >>10753768, >>10753780 Air Force 2 take off from Manchester Bird strike >>10753761 Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, House Democrats duel over Election Day (Massachusetts) >>10753849 LeBron James is looking to pay the fines, fees, and debts of Florida’s convicted felons >>10753852 Mark and Patricia McCloskey holiday cards. They signed a 1,000 of them >>10753812, >>10753974, >>10753983, >>10753989, >>10754185 Hit pieces - QAnon Is Madness/The Qanon Orphans/etc… >>10753933 Schumer invokes "two-hour rule" to block Senate committee hearings >>10753949 Congressional candidate's apparent ascent to Congress could be a 'bellwether' for QAnon >>10753953, >>10753937 Babylon Bee keks >>10753967 Jim Carrey will play Joe Biden on SNL >>10754043 James O'Keefe Meeting w/ Mr. My Pillow to discuss some very big investigations >>10754044 Arbitrary indefinite imprisonment coming to Victoria, Australia! >>10754048 New 11-min Kyle Rittenhouse video reveals powerful evidence refuting murder charge >>10754061 'Zombie' Tropical Storm Paulette returns from the dead because it's 2020 >>10754070 Planefag reporting >>10754092 For Keks: Epic troll. TittyPussy (vid embed) >>10754102, >>10754145 Gen. Flynn posted a message on Parler this morning!! >>10754165 With 95% homes hit, feds say no need for census extension >>10754180 Avi of Rebel News showing the ongoing police state in Victoria, Australia (ytube embed) >>10754183 @USSOCOM: Suicide is tragic and complicated >>10754184, >>10754205, >>10754209, >>10754299, >>10754315 GLOBAL EMPOWERMENT MISSION BACK IN BUTTE COUNTY HELP BEAR FIRE VICTIMS - Seems Sketchy? Call to Digg >>10754222, >>10754216, >>10754220, >>10754283 GLOBAL EMPOWERMENT MISSION Digg Cont. >>10754191 Darpa Funded Implantable Biochip to Detect Covid-19 >>10754266 Hanford contractors to pay nearly $58M settlement after whistleblowers allege massive fraud scheme Bidens & Burisma Diggs >>10754036 Hunter Biden Received Millions From Wife Of Ex-Moscow Mayor, Paid Suspects Allegedly Tied To Trafficking, Had Contacts With Individuals Linked To Chinese Military >>10753770, >>10753778, >>10753808, >>10753832 Breaking: Senate report slams Bidens for conflicts of interest, evidence of Burisma bribe, suspicious foreign money transfers and sex trafficking. >>10753863 Catherine Herridge on Senate Report on Biden's & Burisma >>10753844, >>10753845, >>10753848, >>10754082, >>10754166 Excerpts and Screenshots of Biden & Burisma report >>10753958 Don Jr. landing headshots on Hunter >>10754226 Reminder: Biden threw a tantrum when asked about Burisma last December >>10754284 Anon - wonder if any of the people Hunter was involved with are listed in the Annex on Potus' EO of December 2017? >>10753820, >>10754032 PDF of Full Senate Biden and Burisma Report >>10754325 #13763

#13762 >>10752969, >>10753003, >>10753380, >>10753450, >>10753481 Planefags Explore RAUL BUENO EXPORTATION INC. + Mysteries of the Unknown Black Widow >>10753519 Miss This Last Night? General Charles Q. Brown Jr One of TIME's 100 Most Influential People (Time) >>10753434 Michigan city decriminalizes magic mushrooms, other psychedelic plants The resolution applies to "plants, fungi, and natural materials … that can benefit psychological and physical wellness." >>10753417 Feinstein InQuiry >>10753402, >>10753431, >>10753452 Aussie Bio Containment Downundah in the Outback!+Joint US Bust Where the Toilet Water Goes The Other Way >>10753392 Illuminati Home Page (\Various) >>10753390, >>10753521 "No Medical Justification For Emergency Measures" - Open Letter From 100s Of Doctors, Health Pros Urges End To Lockdowns >>10753389 COVID-19: Does Sweden Have Herd Immunity? >>10753310 Kyle Rittenhouse — The Truth in 11 Minutes (The Gateway Pundit) >>10753299, >>10753416 THANK YOU DOJ! DEVELOPING: Mike Bloomberg Is Likely Breaking Federal Law by Paying off Felon Debts for Democrat Votes (The Gateway Pundit, Fox) >>10753274 Will Biden Survive the First Debate? 'Will he even make it there Legally?' (American Thinker) >>10753270 "The Rich '(not Wealthy)' Will Go Down FIRST!" Some People REALLY don't understand. Knowledge is POWER! (Cap) >>10753185 Doodle for google 2020 winner finds kindness in friendships based on personality not appearance. . 'Neets have known this for Decades. . .' (CNET) >>10753141, >>10753156, >>10753182, >>10753447 Dig Anons. What was / is the Jejune institute ? (Gizmodo, Caps) >>10753106, >>10753189 Science "We're wrong sometimes. That's Science." (Forbes) >>10753073, >>10753074, >>10753100, >>10753229 Carlos Osweda: Why this moment in American history was sixty years in the making (Youtube, Twitter) >>10753010, >>10753071, >>10753089 ROBERT STEELE ON MEDIA MISINFORMATION $100 TRILLION IN WALL STREET MONEY LAUNDERING, TRUMP ADVANTAGE (Bitchute, Trading Economics) >>10752980 TED Talks + Bill Gates ( >>10752960 Navalny discharged from hospital, which says full recovery from alleged poisoning possible (RT) >>10752942, >>10753096, >>10753119 Wednesday Morning Review Ukraine - Today "…Finds Biden Family Guilty Of Criminal Actions." (WHPR,The Gateway Pundit, Fox) >>10752936, >>10753520 Prosecutor claims Assange may be FAKING his depression after doctor says extradition could trigger suicide (RT, CBS) >>10752927 Voter Fraud in Utah (MP4) >>10752892 Three Gorges "- Damn That's A LOT of Garbage!" (Twitter) >>10752856, >>10752922 Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs Analysis Dershowitz ( >>10753554 #13762 #13761 >>10752307, >>10752333, >>10752409, >>10752435, >>10752440, >>10752475, >>10752493, >>10752504 Diane Feinstein, Her Husband Richard Blum, Aoc, and the Chinese Spies. >>10752373, >>10752452, >>10752501, >>10752508, >>10752428, >>10752530, >>10752540, >>10752566 Stealth Bomber? Bridget S. Bade >>10752699, >>10752702, >>10752703, Resignations in the news 9/21/2020 & 9/22/2020 >>10752542, >>10752571 EPSTEIN FLIGHT LOGS RELEASED >>10752278, >>10752220 Gaetz calls for election bribery probe of Bloomberg over pledge to pay Florida felons' fines >>10752158, >>10752127 The Dems/DS intend to "Take" the election. >>10752182, >>10752327 International News >>10752425, >>10752422 “Burisma” lost the court and admitted that it had bribed Biden >>10752190 POTUS Schedule for WEDNESDAY September 23, 2020 >>10752139 WRECK THIS POLL >>10752257 NYPD: Hillary Clinton Was Wearing “Invisible” Earpiece To Receive Stealth Coaching During Live NBC TV Town Hall - 2016 refresher >>10752256 Bay of Pigs Veterans: We Awarded Trump for Fighting Totalitarian Regimes - 14 Sep 2020 >>10752298 Seattle City Council overrides Mayor's veto of cuts to police budget, the cuts to the Seattle Police Department can proceed >>10752310 Have you ever seen the Disney movie "Bedknobs and Broomsticks?" >>10752326 Japanese firm develops first UV lamp that safely kills coronavirus >>10752346 Denver doctor sentenced to 23 years in federal prison for producing child porn >>10752371 @TIME has named @GenCQBrownJr one of the 100 most influential people in the world. USAF >>10752383 Sargeant Marine Inc. Pleads Guilty and Agrees to Pay $16.6 Million to Resolve Charges Related to Foreign Bribery Schemes in Brazil, Venezuela, and Ecuador - DOJ >>10752416 NEW ANTIFA BOOK ON EBAY >>10752423 Pressure piles on Prince Andrew to speak to FBI >>10752426 Margaret A. Ryan >>10752502 Hyperinflation, Fascism and War: How the New World Order May Be Defeated Once More >>10752518 Pentagon Gave Coronavirus Aid Money to Defense Contractors >>10752522 #TeflonTrump >>10752214 This board has been under surveillance since POTUS made the calm before the storm statement, and has all 4/8chan posts under archive. >>10752654 Pope Tells Parents 'God Loves' LGBTQ Kids 'As They Are,' Describes Children with Autism as 'Flowers' >>10752688 Antarctic Program’s icebreaker makes rare appearance in S.F. at Pier 17 >>10752730 State audit: UC Berkeley admitted at least 55 underqualified students based on connections and donations >>10752740 Seattle pays ex-pimp $150,000 to offer 'alternatives to policing' >>10752741 Pittsburgh BLM mural vandalized with paintballs; help wanted to ID men responsible >>10752811 Inner-City Democrat awakens, is voting Trump! >>10752829 #13761

>>10751509 planefaggin

>>10751984 White House says it can get SCOTUS confirmed before October 30th…

>>10751951 House Republicans introduce resolution to condemn court-packing proposals from Democrats

>>10751863 Delaware Police Seize Enough Fentanyl To Kill At least 75% Of State's Population

>>10751827 Huge natural gas leak in Jiangsu China, Suzhou province

>>10751826 New Jeffrey Epstein Flight Log Subpoena To Reveal Every Passenger On "Lolita Express"

>>10751786 Tucker Carlson airs new video of Kyle Rittenhouse and the Kenosha shooting/also on Lin Wood twat earlier today

>>10751763, >>10751799 Tom Pritzker on page 29 of Pstain flight logs

>>10751707 Love this lady Also for Keks

>>10751668 US involved in major Bathurst granny flat raid over alleged international drug and firearm crimes

>>10751633 Canada's Speech From The Throne

>>10751619 ESPN host claims 'extreme right-wing agitators' carrying out violence 'to make protests look bad'

>>10751607, >>10751855 Siberian cult leader arrested for organizing an illegal religion/hx of JHWitness arrests

>>10751511 This summer, Portland looked like a war zone…..

>>10751510 U.S. government has executed a former soldier who said an obsession with witchcraft led him to kill a Georgia nurse he believed had put a spell on him

>>10751503 VPOTUS got to take a C-17 ride home! pics

>>10751418 President Trump will announce his nominee to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at 5 p.m. EDT on Saturday.

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