No Republican Observers Present at Fulton County Tabulation Center –

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No Republican Observers Present at Fulton County Tabulation Center – Screens Facing Away From Media Pen The Georgia twin senate runoff is going the way we expected. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are fighting for their Senate seats in Georgia’s twin runoff election against Democrats Ossoff and Warnock. The Democrats are going for the steal in broad daylight. There were several reports of Dominion machines breaking down in heavily Republican precincts where the voters were told the elections officials will scan their ballots later. Now this… Real America’s Voice reporter Heather Mullins captured video at the World Congress Center where single individuals were scanning and adjudicating ballots without Republican observers. Screens are all facing away from media pen. No observers. No dual control. Single individuals scanning ballots into dominion while kept from public view. Crooked Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on Tuesday said the runoff election was “running smoothly.” The polls in Georgia closed at 7:00 PM ET however voters are still standing in line to vote.

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