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Anonymous 09/11/21 (Sat) 04:23:45 be26f0 (3) No.14557685

Regarding Dan Scavino’s Twatter post re 911 banner, “ No day shall erase you from the memory of time -Virgil” : POTUS posted the same quote last year. Here are the notes from - Interdasting reminder info: #10603680 at 2020-09-11 18:07:11 (UTC+1) Q Research General #13569: A Day To Remember The Truth, FOREVER! Edition

In reference to POTUS' Twatter banner quote: It is about 2 (male) soldiers/lovers who ambushed the enemy while they slept. A Memorial Inscription's Grim Origins By David W. DunlapApril 2, 2014 An early rendering of the inscription at the National September 11 Memorial Museum.Thinc/National September 11 Memorial & Museum Who are "you"? When the National September 11 Memorial Museum opens next month at the World Trade Center, visitors will find a stark wall separating them from a repository containing about 8,000 unidentified human remains from the 2001 terrorist attack. On the wall is a 60-foot-long inscription, in 15-inch letters made from the steel of the twin towers: "No day shall erase you from the memory of time. Virgil." It sounds fitting - except in the context of Book 9 of the "Aeneid," from which it is translated. there, a reader learns who "you" are. "you" are Not nameless. you are Nisus and Euryalus. "you" do Not number in the thousands. you are two. "you" are Not civilians. you are Trojan soldiers. "you" have Not been thrown together by cruel chance. you are a loving pair." your deaths are Not unprovoked. you have just slaughtered the enemy in an orgy of violence, skewering soldiers whom you ambushed in their sleep. For this, the enemy has killed you and impaled your heads on spears. Clearly, "you" does Not fit the profile of Sept. 11 victims. "If we take into account its original context, the quotation is more applicable to the aggressors in the 9/11 tragedy than to those hoNored by the memorial," said Helen Morales, a classics professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara. "So my first reaction is that the quotation is shockingly inappropriate for the U.S. victims of the 9/11 attack." A sculpture by Jean-Baptiste Roman of Nisus and Euryalus, two characters from Virgil's "Aeneid."Marie-Lan Nguyen/Wikimedia Commons

But Dr. Morales added that by invoking the two warriors, the quotation might also productively encourage some visitors to "wonder, as might Virgil's readers have wondered of Nisus and Euryalus, what drives young men to commit such atrocities."

I asked a half-dozen classicists about the use of this inscription at the memorial museum. All but one questioned the choice.

"Two warrior/lovers have sacrificed their lives in the interest of the future Roman state," said John F. Makowski, an associate professor of classical studies at Loyola University in Chicago. "While the loss of all human life by violence is lamentable, the parallel between the victims of 9/11 and the Virgilian heroes is a stretch."

In an aside to the dead youths - whom Dr. Makowski has argued should be understood as a classical pair of "erastes" (a mentor and role model) and "eromeNos" (his beloved) - Virgil promises that if his poetry has any power, their memory will endure as long as Rome.

the National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center Foundation has kNown for years of classicists' objections to the use of this line, which "offers neither instruction Nor solace," Caroline Alexander wrote for the Op-Ed page of the New York times in 2011.

Since then, museum officials have eliminated the word "Aeneid" from the inscription as it appears on the wall, presumably to distance the sentiment somewhat from its literary context.

Alice M. Greenwald, the museum director, said last week that the quotation appropriately characterized the "museum's overall commemorative context."

"For a private individual to use a quotation and shrug at its source is one thing," Dr. Bartsch-Zimmer said. "But in a public, institutional context that memorializes an event of national importance, Not kNowing one's source seems irresponsible."

While ackNowledging his ambivalence about the use of the line, Llewelyn Morgan, a lecturer in classical languages and literature at Oxford, allowed that its power was Not limited to those who knew the story told in the "Aeneid."

James Zetzel, a professor of the Latin language and ancient literature at Columbia, said he was troubled by a line describing such specific characters - and "Not the best role models" - used as a kind of epitaph for those whose identities are Not kNown.

"On the other hand," Mr. Zetzel said, "the story is an example of willing self-sacrifice for somebody you love."

As Virgil tells it, Nisus realized as he was fleeing from the enemy that he had been separated from Euryalus. Rather than spare himself, Nisus returned to a scene of mortal peril in the hope of saving aNother's life. Both young men died as a result.

Now that sounds like a 9/11 story.

Can't help but think of how DJT often refers to the 'two lovers' when speaking of Strzok and Page. He always uses that term.

#10603654 at 2020-09-11 18:04:41 (UTC+1)

Q Research General #13569: A Day To Remember The Truth, FOREVER! Edition



>>10603336 (lb)

No day shall erase you from the memory of time -Virgil


Anonymous 09/11/21 (Sat) 04:50:46 be26f0 (3) No.14557716

>>14557687 POTUS though enough about the quote to bring the author to our attention twice.

1.May 26th 2013 - 1:29:11 PM EST 12 10 Show "@ONTHEVIRG66: @realDonaldTrump your the greatest inspiration. Keep up the great work and thank you for all you do." Thank you Virgil!

2.Oct 22nd 2012 - 10:01:42 AM EST 418 159 Show "They succeed, because they think they can." – Virgil

3.Sep 7th 2012 - 10:48:16 AM EST 68 9 Show The Republicans must get Virgil Goode out of the race in Virginia. He will take votes away from @MittRomney. 4.Aug 28th 2012 - 8:45:42 AM EST 471 119 Show "They succeed, because they think they can." –Virgil


Anonymous 09/10/21 (Fri) 11:15:45 f8521b (16) No.14552964

GREAT JOB DAN THE MAN!!!!! Timestamp 10:34 am 10+3+4 = 17 Dan Scavino🇺🇸🦅 / @DanScavino 09/10/2021 10:34

Social media maestro Dan Scavino raises $31,967 for 9/11 fund by Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist | | September 10, 2021 07:40 AM The power of just one story, and help from former President Donald Trump’s aide-de-camp, has pushed over $30,000 to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation in advance of the 9/11 anniversary. Dan Scavino Jr., who helped turn Trump into a social media juggernaut, said he was prompted to help the foundation after reading Washington Examiner contributor Nicole Russell’s story about the origins of the group. “It was amazing, so I shared it on my Facebook page, and I was given an option to fundraise for them by Facebook, based on the story from y’all, where they send money to Tunnel to Towers Foundation," he said. "Because of the Washington Examiner story, and my awesome followers, we just topped $30,900!” said Scavino, who pledged $1,000 of his own. By today, his Facebook effort had raised $31,967.

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