National Day of Prayer Tomorrow

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I haven't ever believed in anything ever in my life. In 2015 God sent me to the Trump Campaign effort to fill it with prayer (God sent many) In 2019 God sent me to QResearch to bless heal and be with Anons who need prayers and support. One thing I've learned since 2015 - Anons are the salt of the Earth that Christ spoke of. We are the ones that see the different realities that we inhabit (world & spiritual / interdimensional) I trust Anons because Anons are the Kristofferson hit 'Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose' because what we do is for nothing but an expression from the heart for Freedom and Faith. I trust Anons because we do what we do as we attempt to re-anchor America in morality, faith, forgiveness and a calling to a higher purpose and don't care who the 'top anon' is. We are a functioning actionable hive that is brushing away the dust of time to reveal fundamental truths of God written in our DNA. Finally I belong somewhere, someplace at some time. Thanks Anons. Thanks God Thanks America for keeping this forum stood up to give us a voice.

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Tomorrow is gonna be epic. here is an early prayer: Dear Lord God maker of all things seen and unseen we sing praises and thanks, we beg forgiveness for our sins and the sins done in our names (and you know there are immeasurable numbers of those). Our nation is beginning to realize that there is indeed evil that is roaring in anger and hate; please help more of our fellow citizens to see and hear it….and to drum up the strength, courage, and sense to reject it at long long last! (for they must finally know that they can choose to do so) I pray these things in Jesus' name Amen WWG1WGA WW !

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Yes, tomorrow Patriots come together and raise America to new heights with meditative Prayer. We not only ascend, we lift others up as well.

When: 11am EDT

Where: QResearch

What: Prayers for Q+ and the service he will be watching as we all watch together and pray together.

Anons - You are tonight and you will be tomorrow in my prayers. Please pray for me.

Many of you may not know but my newborn son is still in the NICU. He is doing much better, but say a prayer for my family that we can have him safe at home with us, with all of this going on. Pray for my wife that she finds comfort and peace in my understanding of what is actually happening. Dark to Light. WWG1WGA

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