More Dominion: User Manual Shows Many Security Flaws

Posting again for fresh “i”’s It’s the “l” in Republican. When you type an uppercase “i” it looks like a lowercase “l”. In one of those lines of code they spelled Republican but switched the letters. So anybody who voted straight ticket the software didn’t bubble in Trump. That explains the anomaly. Or as the Fake News would like you to believe the “glitch”. Problem is that there is no such thing as a “glitch” when it comes to lines of code. BOOM!

//October 2nd hinting at the Lowercase ( L ) and Uppercase and ( i ) in well//

Anonymous 11/11/20 (Wed) 21:42:08 ff1829 (3) No.11602334

//Here was an earlier post written about this tweet - 2nd highest Trump Card?//

Archived User Manual for Voting Systems


Design flaw in Dominion ImageCast Evolution voting machine The Dominion ImageCast Evolution looks like a pretty good voting machine, but it has a serious design flaw: after you mark your ballot, after you review your ballot, the voting machine can print more votes on it!. Fortunately, this design flaw has been patented by a rival company, ES&S, which sued to prevent Dominion from selling this bad design. Unfortunately, that means ES&S can still sell machines (such as their ExpressVote all-in-one) incorporating this design mistake.

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