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Why toilet paper?? How do you get the public to run to the store to stock up on supplies before a quarantine? Use Operation Mockingbird, but for good purposes. The media starts reporting before the fact that stores are selling out of toilet paper. This creates a self fulfilling prophesy. People run to the stores to stock up on toilet paper without even realizing why they need it. Meanwhile, the also stock up on food, water and other supplies. Now they are prepared for what is coming without even knowing they did it… Why toilet paper? If the media had reported that they were running out of canned foods or dried goods, bottled water even… people would have rushed to the store to stock up on these specific survival items until they were all sold out, leaving others without these things for the quarantine. So they picked something benign like TP so that people would buy out something non-critical while stocking up on the assortment of other goods. Stores are out of toilet paper. Bleach and maybe handwipes. But they are not out of food. Went to the store today and saw customer after customer with canned foods, dried goods and bottled water in their buggies. No one was hoarding these items. Some bought chips, some bought hamburger helper. Each person bought what they needed to stock up on, even though the store was sold out of TP. The plan worked! MI got the entire nation to stock up on essential supplies and prepare themselves to bunker down for the storm and all it took was saying that there will be no more toilet paper.

Once you have read and processed the bulk of information you will understand that "The Plan" was essentially the reverse engineering of mass public psychology and the utilization of computer algorithms and data to help predict and help shape the narrative to our benefit. Its the same tactic that had been used against us for decades. Bigger than you can imagine.

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