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Memorial Day Note

Memorial day is a day of mourning for me. As everyone celebrates at the lake and with family and friends I actively find myself reliving horrible toughts and experiences and trying my hardest to stay busy enough to drown them out. I take these holidays pretty hard most years. I have attempted to take a mental break the last two days for my own sanity. Spent some busy farm work time with the family. Garden and irrigation system installed, hogs finished last week, their pen and field mucked and turned over, pumpkins ready to go in soon. I hope you have kept up on the notables over the last few days. I will attempt to catch back up as quickly as I can. In hindsight maybe I shouldn't have pursued the homestead life a decade ago, but I enjoy it. My wife is starting to make progress with our small hobby farm we've been building up over the last 6 years.

Anyone interested in helping logging notables is appreciated. I put a note out to the board the other day and many took note of the work put in and have attempted to archive here. With the right people participating going forward it could take off and the more eyes on the information war the better. I would have to see proof of prior work to judge quality standards.

not big on opinion looking for semi-archival quality information stream for research and education well into the future.

The sheer amount of notables right now is overwhelming most nights. Willing to help anyone figure out the blogging / authoring platform. Questions or concerns direct to drop an account for me to check if your interested.

Were all in this together...

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