Market(anon) points to unusual volume


Volume 2,614,680,522

Avg. Volume 4,088,701,935


Volume 372,049,964

Avg. Volume 378,100,967


Volume 2,178,760,971

Avg. Volume 2,445,733,548

Volumes are better except on SP500.

A trillion dollar injection from china certainly helps that.

Still below average all across the boards.

That money finds it way to other markets as I mentioned when the first round started a few nights ago. It always does.

NFLX twice it's daily volume. Dead company walking. That did nothing on 2x average. Not a good sign if you are long. See pic

CTL* had a big volume day

CenturyLink, Inc. (CTL)

15.83+0.49 (+3.19%)

Volume 16,023,010

Avg. Volume 12,701,898

*Insider sales reported today had Temasek dumping about $255m as a 10% holder.

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