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LRAD / DEW Directed Energy Weapons Potentially used against Canberra Australia Peaceful Protestors

Anonymous02/17/22 (Thu) 21:56:17 f142ab (22) No.15654638

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Video of EMF at the event...


These were the criminals using torture on Australians. AFAIK the frequencies these weapons give out are similar to microwaves..


Questions have been asked in the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee but the Police refuse to answer at the time without notice..


Anonymous 02/17/22 (Thu) 22:02:20 263661 (8) No.15654673

'Sonic weapons': Craig Kelly raises conspiracy theory about protesters in parliament

Updated February 17 2022 - 2:40pm, first published February 16 2022 - 9:00pm

Independent MP Craig Kelly has brought a conspiracy into the House of Representatives, suggesting Australian Federal Police used "sonic weapons" on anti-vaccine mandate protesters in Canberra last Saturday.

He asked if the AFP had sought approval from the presiding officer to use "long range acoustic" devices on protesters.

The conspiracy has been circulating online this week after some of the protesters say they fell ill following Saturday's protest, which Mr Kelly claimed was the largest ever in Canberra - to the sound of jeering from some members.

"During that protest, can the Speaker confirm if the AFP positioned one or more long range acoustic devices in the parliamentary precincts with the intention that it be used as a sonic weapon against protesters," Mr Kelly said, to muffled laughter.

Before the Speaker can answer, an interjector calls out, "It's 5G!".

There is no evidence such weapons exist or are owned by the AFP.

"I'll report back to the house," a weary sounding Speaker Andrew Wallace replies, before adding a few seconds later "in due course".


Australian police authorities buying up sound weapons Rachel Carbonell and Jeremy Story Carter Posted Tue 17 May 2016, 8:01am

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