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Logically.Ai (doxxed Qmap) dggs

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>>10897323 >>10895983 Made doxxing threats to >>10896199 > MOAR DIGS on Lyric Jain, deep state shill and Truth messenger DOXXER >> excerpt: "his grandmother who died of cancer believed someone who told her to "Drink this juice, give up on your meds, and you'll live longer." The recommendation did not work for her and she died, so Jain wanted to fight disinformation." So basically this high brow, pseudointellectual, blind with hubris, is a corporate CoolAID drinker, trained at MIT and Cambridge and who developed a vendetta against any heretic who dares challenge the official narrative issued by the globalist oligarchs. Message to CEO Lyric Jain: >>>Go fuck yourself<<< If you actually want to know what Q is all about, why not read Qposts from beginning to end and actually apply the Logos and discernment that you were born with as a "human being" instead of sucking the cocks of the most evil psychopaths on the planet? Logically Raises £2.5m to prepare for US elections Published: Jul 13, 2020 3:38:00 PM Following on from their successes in fighting misinformation during the largest democratic event on the planet, Logically have secured £2.5m in funding from NPIF – Mercia Equity Finance, which is managed by Mercia and is part of the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, and XTX Ventures - the venture capital affiliate of XTX Markets, a leading global algorithmic trading firm. The Yorkshire-based company uses a team of dedicated fact-checkers alongside artificial intelligence (AI) and digital forensics to analyse media stories and conspiracy theories to help the public separate facts from falsehoods. Their AI and expert investigators track sources of disinformation, as they did recently when identifying false information purporting to link COVID 19 to 5G phone masts, and continue to work with businesses and governments to detect, monitor and deploy countermeasures to the risks posed by misinformation. Logically have secured contracts in the USA with public sector and social media platforms in the country to report on the forthcoming elections. Lyric Jain, CEO, said: “With the rise of the internet and social media, falsehoods travel faster than the truth. Misinformation can polarise societies and has become a serious threat to democracy. Logically aims to stop the spread of disinformation, ensure people see both sides of the story and keep elections free and fair. Following on from our early successes in India and Europe, we are looking to establish Logically as a partner for governments, businesses and consumers around the world.” Ashwin Kumaraswarmy, Investment Manager at Mercia, added: “Logically has developed an AI technology and an impressive client list. It is well placed to work alongside social media platforms like Facebook, as well as Government bodies and businesses, to tackle a growing issue of fake news." Ekaterina Holt, Head of XTX Ventures, said: ‘’We were impressed with Logically's technology and team from day one. We invest in emerging companies utilising AI/ machine learning, and in Logically we are proud to support another company that will be a future leader in the world of information and data.’’ Grant Peggie, Director at British Business Bank, said: “We are pleased that NPIF has continued to support high-growth businesses in the North, providing vital funding to enable businesses to create new jobs and expand into new markets. This investment demonstrates how this funding can make a real and measurable difference to innovative businesses across the Northern Powerhouse region, creating a more prosperous regional economy.”

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Logically.AI works with BBC and MSM outlets

Bridge India @BridgeIndiaOrg Join us tomorrow at this session titled "Staying ahead of misinformation, globally" with @edvaizey, @arkoene, @mariannaspring, @Lyric_Jain, @HazelBakerNews and @vijialles, by @LogicallyAI and @TheContentLead. Register: #fakenews #disinformation #media

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>>10897753 Looks like webinar was recorded as well. And looks like Reuters also participated in the webinar…

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