Joe Biden is the human trafficking president

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Joe Biden is the human trafficking president

by Eddie Scarry, Commentary Writer |

| March 11, 2021 04:33 PM

Just 50 days into his presidency, human trafficking and smuggling at the southern border have already gotten worse thanks to President Biden.

Reuters reported Wednesday that the Mexican government has assessed "that gangs are diversifying methods of smuggling and winning clients as they eye U.S. measures that will 'incentivize migration.'"

The trafficking of migrants to the United States from Mexico and Central America hoping to win asylum isn't new. The Trump administration went to great lengths to discourage it by getting those governments to disperse migrant caravans and forcing asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico until their cases could be adjudicated.

Shutting off hopes of quick entry into the U.S., with all of its legal protections and entitlements, limits the potential customer base for the human traffickers who take payment in exchange for bringing up foreigners to the southern border. That's a good thing, if only because women and girls are frequently sexually assaulted, raped, and abused by men who are also on those trips or by the traffickers themselves.

As more migrants head toward the border, having heard Biden promise to take every one of them in, the more human trafficking there is.

Per Reuters, "Among U.S. steps Mexico worries are encouraging migration are improved support for victims of gangs and violence, streamlining of the legalization process, and suspension of Trump-era accords that deported people to Central America."

If Biden's open-border policy is functioning as an incentive for trafficking and smuggling, then he bears at least some responsibility for the deadly car crash earlier this month in California that left 13 dead, including a 23-year-old Guatemalan woman. Twenty-five people (!) were packed inside a 1997 Ford Expedition when it drove through a hole in the fencing at the border onto a highway, only to be crushed by an oncoming tractor trailer. The driver was a smuggler.

Biden's presidency is the best thing to happen to human traffickers in at least four years.

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